Photographer Life by Selena captures the gorgeous intimate wedding story of Dileshni and Krzysztof’s Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding day.

You describe Dileshni and Krzysztof’s wedding ceremony as simple and intimate. What was the best part of this wedding style ?

I think the best part of a simple and intimate wedding is that the focus is kept on the things that matter the most.

The simplicity and intimacy of Krzyzstof and Dileshni’s wedding really allowed the depth of their connection and their mutual support to shine through each part of their day, from the ceremony all the way through to the reception.

Three words to describe the atmosphere at this wedding celebration ?




The wedding included some traditional Sri Lankan traditional elements. How did you prepare to capture the meaning and intention with these traditions ?

I love the traditions that each couple brings to a wedding. I’ve photographed a lot of weddings that combine a mix of traditions (for example, this Hindu-Christian wedding, this Filipino-Christian wedding, and this Jewish-Ukrainian wedding). Ahead of each wedding, I make sure to talk with the couple about any special traditions that they might be incorporating into their wedding day. If there’s a tradition that I’ve never worked with before, I do my best to research and understand the nuances of the tradition ahead of the ceremony. I find conversations with officiants particularly helpful on the day of a wedding to understand exactly how and where each part of the ceremony will happen.

“Following a Sri Lankan wedding tradition, three Kandyan drummers lead the wedding procession ahead of the groom’s side of the wedding party. Next, their dog Izzy walked up the aisle to join Krzyzstof and Dee at the front. Afterwards, four Kandyan dancers lead the bride’s side of the wedding party. From start to finish their ceremony was simple and intimate, bringing a feeling of closeness to everyone who supported the couple on their wedding day.” Life By Selena

What was the best part of this wedding day for you as a photographer ?

The perogies. Anytime there is a wedding and perogies are on the menu, I’m there as a photographer. Jokes aside, the Berkeley FieldHouse venue was an incredible environment for a wedding, it feels so intimate and cozy! The decorations and wedding planning by Three Lights Events was beautiful and the food by Berkeley Field House was delicious. I would definitely recommend this venue and wedding planner! Finally, I have to give a shout out to Thorn Floral who put together some stunning bouquets for this wedding.

You beautifully captured Dileshni and Krzysztof’s playful and loving personalities. How did you do this so effectively ?

As I collaborate in the visual process with couples, I want to give space for their individual personalities and connection with each other to shine through.

I’m careful not to project my personality or my idea of a relationship onto someone else.

The engagement session that I did with Krzysztof and Dileshni allowed me to better understand and see their connection as a couple, which allowed me to give more space for this connection on their wedding day. The support they give each other is subtle and low-key, and is really beautiful to photograph.

You create beautiful compositions in your photographs that allows for intimate portraits while having a candid authentic quality. What is your approach ?

As a documentary photographer, I work to create an organic environment with the couple and capture authentic moments between them.

There are two foundational ways I make this happen. First, I always try to photograph people in places that they organically spend time together as a couple. I’m really passionate about photographing people in the intimacy of their home. With Krzysztof and Dileshni we chose to photograph them at Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works, a place where they often go on walks together with their dog Izzy. We actually chose to do both the engagement session and wedding party photos at Brick Works because of the beautiful the paths and trees.

The second way I do this is by giving the couple prompts, I never want to pose them. Often I ask couples to share stories with me which highlights special memories together. During my engagement session with Krzyzstof and Dileshni I asked the two of them to sing “Hotel California” together, a song that had particular meaning and reminded them of adventures in Argentina together. This created special moment of connection and elicited peals of laughter between them. I also ask them to share something they have appreciated about about each other in the past week, which often elicits intimacy and reflection. On the day of the wedding, Krzysztof and Dileshni exchanged letters. I photographed them as they read these letters, which brought forward a whole range of beautiful emotions.

How do you approach capturing wedding guests in a meaningful way ?

When I photograph a wedding, one of my goals is to take time to capture each of the guests. With a small wedding like Krzysztof and Dileshni’s it’s easier to do this.

Throughout the day I was able to get to know many of the guests through the lens, understand their special connections to each other, and capture the small beautiful moments between people.

Photographer Life By Selena

Saree : Buddhi Batiks
Hair/Saree Draper : Chammi Beauty
Bridal Makeup : Meg Fraser Makeup
Suit : Gotstyle
Rings : Linara Jewellers
Venue : Berkeley FieldHouse
Wedding Planner : Three Lights Events
Catering : Berkeley Field House
Florist : Thorn Floral
Officiant : Dwayne John My Wedding Officiant
DJ : Chris Rhythmz
Drummers and Dancers : Rangara Performing Arts
Late Night Pizza : North of Brooklyn