In conversation with Brian Limoyo Wedding Photographer about magnificently capturing a super modern chic brunch wedding Ceremony at Maquette wedding venue Toronto.
You created a theme within the wedding shoot that became a love affair with the city, reminiscent of the classic movie roman holiday. What was the inspiration for this urban shoot?

I think a big part of modern wedding photography is collaborating with the Bride and Groom, understanding what their aesthetic is and being able to translate that through our lens. Becky (the bride) had a very particular vision and we connected with that look and feel instantly! We could tell that we were right for each other from our first meeting, the excitement was instant. I love that you mentioned Roman Holiday,  Audrey Hepburn is definitely part of that inspiration.
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What are your impressions of La Maquette as a setting for a wedding ceremony?

I loved how unique and intimate La Maquette was, there was a classic feel from the chandelier, and the black and white tiled marble floors to the open solarium.

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You are a master of angles and perspectives in the space of La Maquette Restaurant. Is this something you have mastered over time?

I think our 12 years plus of wedding Photography experience came into play, it becomes instinctual. Knowing where to place yourself. It is also really important for us to capture the moment but also to not get in the way. The ceremony is the reason a wedding happens, there is a sacredness to that, we take very seriously. We try and be as discreet as possible, not getting in between the guests and the ceremony, we are like ninjas with wicked composition skills.
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How would you describe the style of this brunch wedding ceremony and how did you cater your photography to match it?

The styling was very unique and European. It was a testament to Becky and Ben’s style and savoir faire. The black and white colour scheme with the bright yellow lemons for favours!

Brunch itself implies a relaxed elegance, to have one on your wedding day, how fabulous.  What a great way for two families to come together and get to know each other. It was also amazing that they had the speeches then, while breaking bread in an intimate group of people.

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You discuss wanting your pictures to be a time machine, having a timeless quality. What do you have to do to ensure you achieve this?

I want people to be able to be transported back to that moment in the photograph, I want them to be able to smell, hear, feel what they see.

I think a lot of that is choosing the decisive moment.  It is sort of an allegory for life, the moments in between the big events. The in between the lines moments, peoples lines of sight, a reaction, those are what I think really marks us during big life events. That’s what I get excited about capturing, it is also what i think is the hardest thing to photograph well.
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This wedding was a stylish intimate ceremony. What are your considerations when photographing in an intimate space?

Being able to get the right vantage point but still remain discreet and not a distraction, those are my major considerations and it can be particularly challenging in an intimate setting.
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How did you work with the natural light at La Maquette?

Its a careful balance we want to make sure to preserve the ambiance of the room but still be able to get a good well lit picture, Le Maquette was great for that. The solarium provided plenty of natural light and because of the time of day, the light also added character to the wedding day.
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You are appreciated by your wedding couples for your extreme creativity and couples have spoken highly of the surprise shots they got when they received their pictures from you. What in your approach and skillset gets you such positive results?

We are very blessed to have such wonderful stylish and sincere brides and grooms. I think it starts there. Being able to communicate what our style is and understanding what the couples vision is. By being better at communicating what we love doing and our approach, we attract the right sort of Bride and Groom. It really is more important to make sure that our styles are aligned and that both Bride, Groom and Photographer can get excited about the photos we are going to take  together. It is a love for our craft and a drive to challenge ourselves to get better and try something different.
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You have an ability to look at a space and use it to your advantage to create a dramatic composition in your shots. Is this something you focus on in taking your shots ?

Thank you, We try to experiment with our composition and light to create unique images.
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In one of your testimonials the couple talks about how you were instrumental in keeping their wedding day organized and on schedule. This is an expanded role of the wedding photographer as someone key to the planning of the wedding day. How do you see your role in the flow of the wedding day?

We are by no means a replacement for a wedding planner! We do however believe in preparation, making sure we understand the flow of the day and what parts and photos are most important to each of our brides and grooms.  30 days before the wedding we have a special photo itinerary document that we have each couple fill in. It helps to factor in everything from special photo request, family photo combos, addresses, travel times etc. It is a live document that lives online so any adjustments are live and can viewed by everyone. The more prepared you are before the day of the more you can be in the moment, which is what we want every bride and groom to do !!

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You have a background in fine art. What is your personal history and how do you draw on your experiences in the moment of capturing images?

I studied studio arts at Concordia University, mostly painting and drawing. Before that I spent all my time in the dark room managing a photoclub at Vanier college, I loved B&W photography.  I continued to study commercial photography at Dawson college. It was a great experience I had the opportunity to work with Montreal Fashion photographers, as an assistant and retoucher which I continued to do during the weekdays while working on weddings on the weekends.
Besides the practical study, composition, light, perspective helping me better execute my photos technically, I think my fine art background helps me better communicate.  Art is very telling of a society, looking at art is like holding a mirror. Understanding history and art is to better understand ourselves. I draw on my experiences with fine arts to better understand the context and stories of people and places.  I think it makes me a better visual story teller.
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How do you personally hit the refresh button to be able to see every wedding as a fresh experience?

I limit myself to 25 Weddings a year.  It’s a way to make sure I don’t burn out, I also have a commercial studio that keeps things fresh. Nothing refreshes me more than the ocean ! We make our way out east and spend as much time by the ocean, travel helps me relax and expand.
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In relation to photography what would we find on your bookshelf?

Oh man, lets see,  I have been collecting national geographics for years,
A lot of classic street photography and fine art books, Big fan of the Phaidon vitamin series,
Jeff Wall, Gregory Crewdson, Ed Burtynsky
Street Photography I love Henri Cartier Bresson, all the Magnum photographers, Larry Towel, Sebastian Salgado, George Zimbal, who actually came to my graduating show in Montreal that was an honour.

I love fashion and portrait Photogaphers too ,
Paolo Roversi, Annie Leibovitz, Debra Tuberville, Richard Avedon,
I can go on forever, we have a pretty big bookshelves at home

Off season research and inspiration #photography #streetphotography #thegreats #decisivemoment

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Photographer : Brian Limoyo Wedding Photography

Venue : Maquette

Catering : Berkeley Events Catering