Boakview Photography tells the love story of Kristen and Booker’s intimate Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding with an epic wedding album.

bride and groom kissing infront of loft style venue in soft light

bride in wedding dress holding bouquet on urban street

bride and groom kissing on urban street as sun goes down in formal wedding wear

How do you feel your Berkeley Fieldhouse couple you just captured planned their wedding uniquely and how did you help capture what was important to them?

Kristen & Booker overcame a lot of obstacles while planning their Fieldhouse Wedding during Covid, but the one thing they kept mentioning was how the Berkeley crew was absolutely amazing. From my end, it was pretty simple. B & K were very easy-going and the only thing we had to change was we oped to only have one photographer (me!) come instead of the original two. This was to make room for one more guest in an already-limited guest list! Knowing that their guests were so important to them, I made sure to capture everyone at their wedding so they have a lasting memory of all the special guests who attended!

mom of brides hades adjusting wedding dress on bed

moms hands doing up dress of bride daughter

side view of bride in soft focus with bridal party in background getting ready for wedding

bride and groom saying vows in intimate outdoor ceremony

bride and groom walking down aisle in outdoor ceremony

bride and groom with wedding party posing in rustic urban garden

In a previous interview on the blog with a Berkeley Church wedding you shot you say ( link to other article ) “We are also more keen on candid photos, so we always encourage our couples to talk to each other, whisper to each other, tell dirty jokes or whatever they want to make the moments we capture more genuine and real.” How has this approach worked effectively for you in getting incredible wedding portraits ?

Above all else I love to make my couples comfortable! If that means poking some fun at myself or yelling an inappropriate word randomly, so be it!

Genuine reaction is the ultimate goal of any portrait session, and that can really only happen when two people are comfortable enough to laugh, kiss, snuggle, or sniff each others’ hair! I really just try to have fun because it usually rubs off on our couples!

view from behind of bride and her father walking down aisle in outdoor wedding ceremony


With the new covid health protocol in place at all events how do you feel you managed to navigate getting your couple both pictures that acknowledged the here and now but also some timeless photographs (safely ) that they wanted ?

I’m not going to lie, I kinds love the masked photos – it’s a sweet memory of the times we are living in and it documents the reality of any event or wedding being held right now. Why not just have fun with it! I keep my mask on at all times, and because we were capturing photos either in a very big open space (the empty church) or outside, it was okay for K & B to have some photos taken without their masks.

You have shot at the Berkeley Church venue before how did your knowledge and familiarity with the space work in favour of helping your couple take advantage of the setting for their wedding collection? 

The church is magical! I instantly felt comfortable with the way the light moves and the space itself. It’s always nice to photograph in a space that you are familiar with and you know is wonderful in terms of light and atmosphere.

If one picture from this album was going to be printed up large as a movie poster with a caption what would that be ? 

The photo of Kristen waving at the honking traffic outside while walking back towards the Fieldhouse wearing The Just Married Jacket. The caption would be: “Hellz yeah – We did it!”

What were some of the adaptations your couple had to make to their wedding plans and what was your impression of the adapted version ?

I know they had to cut their guest list quite significantly because of the restrictions and they also opted out of having a second photographer in order to keep the guest list down. I don’t think that this impacted their wedding at all – it just made it more intimate. I guess that lack of a second photographer just meant we couldn’t really get any photos of Booker getting ready, but they were both cool with that – otherwise I was happy to be there on my own!

What are some of the trends in the wedding photography industry right now that you are observing and hearing clients ask for and how do you work with trends or not work with them? 

Oh definitely size of weddings. Weddings are definitely smaller, more intimate and, I think, a little more creative in terms of locations, space set-up etc. I know we have to follow the guidelines in terms of distancing, but so far I don’t think that’s changed the intimacy that weddings convey, which is amazing. I do miss the dancing a lot though…

How about the wedding jacket you were very excited about it showing up and tagged in a little shout out. 

OMG it’s been my dream the work with The Just Married Jacket! The story is so sweet and it’s been passed down to so many brides. It’s like working with a journal – does that make sense? Plus it’s hella cool!

How do entrepreneurs in the event business work well together to support each other especially in this climate of reduced events?

I cannot say enough great things about how everyone has rallied for each other during this difficult time. Everyone is in the same boat and so we are happy to offer any and every kind of support that we can to our peers etc.  It’s been a very positive experience that has come out of such a difficult time.

Having the Berkeley Church to ourselves was incredible – I’ve never experienced it before and it was truly magical! You really get a sense of the grandeur of the space when it’s empty and we fully utilized the space as a result. I wish I could shoot all my weddings there LOL!

Boakview Photography

Venue:   Berkeley Fieldhouse

Dress:   Ferre Sposa, @ferresposa 

Suit/Tux:   Indochino, @indochino

Hair:   Dina Andreacchi, @glamgalz_

Make-up:   Dina Andreacchi, @glamgalz_

Officiate/ Priest/ Church:    Rigzin Tute, @fullcirclecelebration

Flowers:   Sweet Peas, @sweetpeasto

Cake:   Bobbette and Belle, @bobbetteandbelle

Catering:   Berkeley Events,

Rings – FTJ Co., @ftjco

Party Favours – JoAnne, @pinefloraco

The just Married Jacket