Caitie and Marco reflect back on their Intimate Boho Inspired whimsical Berkeley Fieldhouse Wedding.

How would you describe the atmosphere and  experience of your wedding day ?

It was just a really happy day. We wanted everyone to be comfortable and to have a good time. So many people helped make our wedding the dream of a day it was, and we wanted to make sure we were throwing them a party to thank them for all their hard work and support.

What elements made the Berkeley Fieldhouse the venue of choice for your special day?

We loved the relaxed atmosphere of the space – and how much outdoors space it incorporated. We dreamed of getting married up North, but it was just too complicated.

The Berkeley Fieldhouse felt like cottage/country vibes smack in the middle of the city.

Who were some of the vendors you worked with in creating the wedding style you wanted for your wedding day and what was the planning  process like?

The planning process was a bit hectic. I’m a documentary producer and was working full-time leading up to the Friday we got married. Luckily my friends and family really came together to help me with all the details. My aunts and step mom did a gorgeous job decorating our venue on the day. One of my bridesmaid’s mom was getting into the flowers business and did all my flowers. My friend April is a wonderful photographer with her own business Olive Studio  and took wonderful photos. And our favourtie bar band The Lonely Hearts Band  kept people on the dancefloor all night long.

What was the inspiration for the floral design of your wedding and who did you work with ?

One of my bridesmaids mom’s did our flowers. It was amazing because we were being budget-conscious and she did it all wholesome. The work she did was gorgeous, not overly flower-ly or stuffy.

Being in a creative entrepreneurial profession yourself how did this help you with your vision for your wedding day and how did it shape your approach ?

It gave me the opportunity to be really playful with the details. I had my team make a video that played at the wedding, giving guests insight into how we met. It also allowed me not to get caught up in a lot of traditional wedding aspects, I picked the wonderful creative brains that I work alongside to come up with alternative ways to entertain our guests, create ambiance and have some fun!

Intimate, boho whimsical are some of the words that come to mind about  wedding ceremony style. What  aesthetic were you pursuing and what were the steps to achieving this?

That’s all spot on. We wanted to do something a little different, but something that really represented our casual style. Intimate was really important too.

We wanted the room to feel close, with all the people we love. Really it was just about identifying a couple of things that were really important to us and achieving them in the easiest way possible!

Your photographer did a wonderful job of getting candid memorable photographs of all your guests how important was this to you ?

April is a star! She is a very talented photographer, so as soon as I hired her, I knew that would all be covered. She was able to capture pictures of every one of our guests, so we could have pictures of them printed and included in our thank you cards. Because everything moves so quickly on the day, it was great to have such a talented photographer. Looking back at the photos helps remind us of all the details, or see details and guests that we might have missed during the chaos.

Your photographer took some gorgeous natural light wedding portraits  in the urban garden space. Was it important to you to have some natural light nature inspired photos?

Natural was important – neither of us LOVE staged photographs, so it was great that April could keep it causal and fun!

What advice would you give a newly engaged couple about how to plan their wedding ?

Identify the top 10 things are really important to you both. A good photographer is awesome, because everything blows by in a second and photos are the best way to reconnect with those moments.

Two years later what was the best decision you made for your wedding day that made a lasting memory for you and your husband ?

It was actually 3 years this September. AH! We took photos at the beach right after our ceremony, which was a special way to decompress. Dancing to our favourite band was pretty awesome too! But I think the most memorable moment was the next morning, as we were getting ready to go on our honeymoon, and we had a moment to ourselves to just reflect on a wild experience of bringing all the people we love into one room, while we get hitched. It honestly goes by in such a blur. For our first year anniversary, we re-read our custom vows to each other and that was really special. Everything goes by so quickly that it’s wonderful to relive those little details moments on anniversary.

Photographer: Olive Studios

Live Music : The Lonely Hearts  Band

Venue: Berkeley Fieldhouse

Toronto Bride : Documentary + Commercial Producer Digital Content Strategist

Caitie Drewery