Angela and Chad Share their beautiful rustic fall DIY Berkeley Fieldhouse Wedding venue toronto.

The wedding design was so beautiful and happy . What was the inspiration behind the design choices and how did it all come together so well ?

The wedding design was fall themed as this is my favourite season. I was never the kind of girl who dreamed of what my wedding would be like growing up. But as I got older and fell deeper in love with Autumn, I knew I would want these things reflected in my wedding. Most of the decorations were handmade by myself and my husband with some help from his kids too! We hand picked the pumpkins, had leaves down the aisle instead of the traditional flowers, a family member cut wood rounds for our table centrepieces and coasters, the signs were either made by or designed by me as well, even the burlap table runners were hand cut.

We wanted to really feel like we put our heart and souls into our wedding. This way, not only would it would feel more personalized but we  also got to enjoy this amazing moment of awe and accomplishment on the day of, once everything was all set up and all of our hard work paid off.

How did you arrive at your floral design and who did you work with ?

We made sure to pick a florist that would be able to put together pieces that gave off a rustic yet warm/cozy vibe, as this is something I feel when I think of fall. 

We ended up choosing a florist that was recommended to us through Allie, our venue coordinator. After describing the ideas we had for the wedding decor to her, she told us about Michelle Marie Kelly, as she believed Michelle would be able to achieve the design we wanted (which she did!), and that we would work really well together. 

At the end of the day, we are so happy we ended up going forward with Michelle. She went above and beyond our expectations and had amazing pricing to boot.

Your dress is gorgeous what is the story of how you found it ?

The story of my dress is actually a bit of an emotional roller coaster. 

Initially Chad and I were planning to “elope”/ have a “destination wedding” in Scotland. It was a mix of both as our families knew the plan so technically it wasn’t a full elopement but it would have been just the two of us attending the ceremony. 

Chad and I got engaged in December 2019 and were planning to be married in Scotland by May 2020. 

I didn’t realize how long it can take to get a wedding dress (I was initially quoted a 6 month timeline once I finally started to look for a dress), so I put it off pretty last minute in the wedding industry, and started looking about 2 months before the “wedding”.

I felt pretty defeated even before I went to try on a dress as everyone I spoke to on the phone was saying it would be unlikely I would have a dress on time for our trip. Luckily, I ended up making an appointment with Bella’s Brides, and luckily they had a dress my size in stock and ready to go. 

So we got to the bridal shop and it just so happened that this dress was the exact style I was envisioning and would only need a bit of tweaking, which wouldn’t take much time at all. 

So we cut off the train (it would be impossible to run around the highlands with a train), and used the material to custom design some sleeves/straps. And then added a beautiful belt to accentuate my waist/hips.  

I love my dress so much and I’m so sad I won’t be able to wear it again for a formal event 😭 lounging on the couch in it it is!

Did you have to modify your wedding plans because of covid ? What were the adjustments and how did you still manage to have your celebration ?

As mentioned before, we had been planning to get married in Scotland. But due to covid these plans were kiboshed. 

Initially we were waiting it out as we could not afford a proper wedding prior to covid. We had been calling around before the elopement plans and were being quoted upwards of $30,000.00. 

After a few weeks of lockdown, we started to accept the fact that Scotland would not be happening any time soon and started to rethink our plan. 

One day while scrolling on Instagram, an advertisement for Berkeley popped up and I looked through their website and fell in love with La Maquette, and immediately sent an email inquiring about pricing. 

We ended up receiving a quote for the micro wedding pricing, which was a pleasant surprise and within our budget so we decided to roll with the punches and have a covid micro wedding!

What advice would you give a newly engaged couple ?

Don’t stress too much over the little things and hire a wedding planner if you can afford it! 

As much fun as planning our wedding was, it was definitely stressful. We are both extremely organized people but weddings are a lot! 

I found myself losing more and more sleep the closer we got to the day of. I would lay in bed and think about how I wanted the centrepieces laid out, where the welcome sign would go, who would sit a what table, how many pumpkins I needed, how to get wrinkles out of the burlap table runners, is burlap even iron-able? (And if you’re wondering the answer, yes it is!) 

Sleep is very important when you are a soon-to-be bride, and honestly I think it would have been better if I just hired a wedding planner instead of putting all this extra weight on my shoulders!

Why did you chose the Berkeley fieldhouse and what about it suited your wedding plan?

When we booked with Berkeley Events, it was just as the micro wedding packages were being rolled out so we were only able to book the Fieldhouse. However,

if we could go back in time, I would not have it any other way. The Fieldhouse was such a beautiful venue and I felt was a more suitable fit to our rustic, fall wedding.

Berkeley Fieldhouse

Florist : Michelle Marie Kelly

Photographer: Diego and Liza

Wedding Dress : Bellas Brides