Fox Photography shares insights from capturing Nicole and Luke’s Boho inspired Colourful fun Airship37 wedding.

bride and groom in wedding attire with dog posing in industrial venue with wood panels

They wanted the vibe and the look to be colourful and fun.

They achieved this with their very bold, bright and colourful theme with the decor, flowers and details (down to Luke’s bowtie and the inside of his jacket). They also encouraged their guests to also wear bold, bright colours. Our editing style is very colourful and vibrant which meant that we were able to accurately depict the colours and vibe of the day.

bride and wedding party getting final touches put on getting ready for wedding

first look in modern industrial space with bride walking up behind the groom

There was an intimate lounge style feeling to wedding styling in the modern industrial space that created a comfortable boho setting for the guests. How did this wedding style translate into the guest experience and how you captured it?

Nicole & Luke wanted the guests to enjoy themselves and have fun during the day.

bride and groom in wedding outfits putting lock on industrial love sculpture

bride and groom in wedding outfits sitting in hammock together in garden of modern venue

The comfortable boho setting meant guests could relax and chat.

They could move around different tables, the dining was not a standard sit down but they had different food stations set up which meant there was a relaxed party vibe.

ratten furniture with colourful accents set up for wedding reception in modern industrial venue ratten furniture with colourful accents set up for wedding reception in modern industrial venue set up of wedding ceremony in modern industrial venue with boho wedding alter

What are some of the key things that Nicole and Luke wanted to experience and also share with their guests on their wedding day and how did you highlight these priorities in the way you captured their day?

Nicole & Luke were upfront on the start about how they wanted to celebrate the day with family and friends, and wanted them all to have a good time.

bride and groom kissing in wedding attire infornt of boho styled wedding alter with flowers

wedding guests clapping in wedding ceremony in modern industrial venue

modern industrial venue all set up with colourful decor and table settings for wedding reception

bride and groom giving wedding speech in modern venue wedding guest give a toast to wedding couple in modern wedding venue

bride and groom dancing in wedding reception with romantic lighting

You describe yourself as primarily documentary photographers who capture how things are. How did this style work so effectively to tell the story of Nicole and Luke’s wedding day?

Our primary goal is to capture the story of the day, which means more than just capturing how everything looked. Of course we capture the details and the photos which set the scene, but the real emotions, the action shots, the emotional vows, the first dance, the reaction to speeches, these are all ‘documentary’ and capture how the everything ‘felt’ so that when looking back on the photos, the couple can remember their emotions and how they felt, as well as how everything looked.

groom posing in living room with his dog

groom sits in passenger seat with dog on his lap with flower garland

groom walking down street in wedding outfit with his dog

bride and groom holding hand while wedding officiant reads in wedding venue bride and groom saying wedding vows to each other infront of boho wedding alert in modern venue

bride and groom kissing in wedding aisle with colourful confetti streaming around them

bride and groom in wedding attire laughing playing giant game with wooden pieces in urban venue garden

bride and groom dancing in wedding attire infront of vintage bus

Your wedding portraits in the distillery district had the same atmosphere and sensibility as the rest of the wedding album. How do you keep a consistency running through the pictures that tie them together stylistically?

Part of this is to do with the editing (we made sure the editing was vibrant and colourful, as Nicole & Luke wanted the photos to show) but also the emotions of the day. The ceremony photos showed laughter.

bride and groom walking down wedding aisle in modern venue

bride and groom with bouquet kissing infront of a heart shape sculpture made of flowers infront of a brick wall

Their portraits also showed fun and laughter, and really showed Nicole & Luke’s personality.

bride and groom in wedding outfits posing infront of large balloons

bride and groom walking through industrial neighborhood with sun streaming on them

black and white photo of bride and groom in wedding attire smiling infront of vintage truck bride and groom walking down aisle newly married in modern wedding venue

Looking back on this wedding pre- covid times what strikes you as interesting and beautiful about the album through this new lense of experience of living in covid times.

Family and friends being together, hugging and being close. We are both from the UK and have been unable to see our parents back home because of covid, so it’s bitter sweet to see families being close and celebrating together.

close up shot of bride getting flowers pinned into up do hair style

over the shoulder shot of wedding guest looking at bride and groom down the aisle of modern venue

bride and groom walking down wedding aisle in modern industrial venue

What do you like best about shooting all the little details of a wedding day?

We know that these little details are often important to the couple because they’ve more often than not, spent a fair bit of time deciding colours, styles, etc (there’s so much choice out there)! We capture the details because it’s important to the couple, but also because it shows the little things that bring the whole style and vibe of the wedding together. Another reason the details are important is because a lot of the details will not last, not like photos do. Flowers will wilt, food will be eaten, attire will probably not be worn again, so the photos are there to capture the details that may not withstand time.

shot of boho style wedding dress and close up of vintage wedding lace

bride in wedding dress with bouquet walking down modern mirrored corridor

wild flowers arranged along wedding arch for ceremony

wedding aisle with wildflowers in vases at foot of each row of chairs

wedding alter with flowers in modern industrial venue

shot of bride and groom legs in wedding attire with bride holding her bouquet

bride and groom standing under boho wedding alter in modern venue

Most important question are you up to date on the Mandalorian ?

Not up to date! Which is embarrassing seeing as Dan worked on the first season of TV show (and is in the credits)!

Photographer : Fox Photography

Venue: Airship37

Event Planner : Love By Lynzie Events and Design 

Florist : Snowberry Botanicals

Wedding Cake: The Pop Stand

Hair : Stylu

Grooms outfit: Surmesur

Band: Supersonic Hearts Band

Officiant : Ceremonies to Remember

Wedding Dress: Sash and Bustle