Jacqueline James wedding and portrait photographer shares a few insights into capturing the Airship37 wedding of Ara and James in a wedding day she describes as full of warmth, love, emotion, and so much sweet laughter.
You describe Ara and James as what I loved most about their wedding day was that it was so much like them as a couple – full of warmth, love, emotion, and so much sweet laughter! How did you seamlessly capture all these special moments to tell the wedding story?
Ara and James make my heart melt. They are so laidback and fun, coupled with this great sense of humour, and topped off with a real, deep honest love for each other. They just fit so well, and everything about their day personified them as a couple. From James’s hilarious and also emotional vows, to their chic cocktail hour, refined reception details, and a few humorous reception games to get the whole room bursting out laughing! My artistic direction focuses on the real and heartful moments of a wedding day, and for Ara and James, it simply felt seamless!
How do you so successfully bring a cinematic quality to your photographs?
This is a really great question. There are so many moving parts to a wedding day. Some of those moments we can anticipate, and for others I think it just took a few years to really refine how I observe a wedding day. It’s more than just stepping back to see the whole frame in front of me, it’s about observing the deep connections between my couple and their closest family and friends. We definitely capture the standard refrigerator photos where you look directly into my lens, but that cinematic quality truly comes out when clients just naturally enjoy their day and do their thing!
Your photographs have a wonderful engaged and connected quality to them how do you achieve this?
Thank you so much! I truly feel that the whole process of getting to know my clients along our year together is such an important part of this process. What I want for my clients is that when I show up on their wedding day, they feel like not only do they have their photographer there, but they also feel like they have another BFF. It also gives them permission to let loose, have fun, be playful and also to be emotional, real, and honest. I believe the best memories are cultivated in this space, and as a result we get photographs that feel like absolute magic because they aren’t forced or staged, they were just completely present in the moment!
Bridal gown by Bridal Fashion Fraire
Grooms suit by Indochino
Makeup artist Vanessa Elizabeth
Hairstylist: The First Look
Music: DJ Jug E