Christian & Atrisha’s Elegant and Original Toronto Wedding at La Maquette event venue expertly documented by Megan and Kenneth Photography.

bride and groom smiling together in modern venue

How does this quote relate to being a creative photographer and getting excellent results? “Good design’s not about what medium you’re working in. It’s about thinking hard about what you have to do and what you have to work with before you start.” – Susan Kare

I think this is a great comparison with wedding photography specifically! As a wedding photographer, you’re thrown into different situations that you have to adjust for on-the-fly. In terms of how we photographed Christian & Atrisha’s La Maquette wedding, we went from bright, snowy outdoors, to a dark church, to multiple dreamy lighting situations in La Maquette. Each space presented its own challenges and its own benefits, but it’s all about thinking through the situation and working with what you have.

bride looking up at her wedding dress displayed on the cupboard door of her getting ready suite

bride displaying her hands ready for wedding showing jewelry

a neon framed art piece saying love me till I'm me again framed between two large windows overlooking snowy street


bride and groom in wedding outfits sitting in lounge chairs in modern art deco venue

bride and groom posing in modern art deco restaurant bride is holding a red rose

What were some of the themes that Christian and Atrisha chose to weave throughout their wedding day and how did you help bring these out visually in your photographs?

The La Maquette wedding merged two themes that do not, on first blush, merge together. Atrisha was from the Seychelles (a small group of tropical islands off the East Coast of Africa) and wanted to incorporate some cultural elements from the Seychelles into her special day. The tropical vibe for a winter wedding was hard to accomplish. Atrisha and groom also have a deep passion for the show the Bachelor and the Bachelorette and wanted to incorporate single-stemmed, red roses and a rose ceremony.

tropical wedding decor design for wedding reception in modern art deco restaurant

How do the getting ready albums work to communicate the specifics of all the intimate relationships in the couple’s lives and what are some of the considerations you make for this part of the wedding day?

The moments in Christian and Atrisha’s respective spaces for getting ready were totally unique to each of them. Atrisha and her closest friends were dancing, singing and having a fantastic time jamming to an immaculately curated playlist. Over at Christian’s place, the boys had a few drinks, played some instruments, and gave some hearty cheers before heading out. Both sides of the couple had fantastic support systems on the day of, and it was awesome to capture those moments leading up to tying the knot.

How did you prepare to capture the traditional church ceremony and frame and create those beautiful shots?

We were only allowed to photograph within certain parameters of the church. Obviously, we made sure to stay within the boundaries and capture these moments with longer lenses. There were no flashes used so as not to disturb the meaningful moments in their church ceremony. There was a lot of inspiring architecture to work with, allowing for incredible framing for these wedding photos.

What are some of the ways the couple built special intimate moments into the wedding day plans and how did you co-ordinate to tell the story of them ?

Doing a first look and taking time to themselves was important in building intimate moments. Couples spend a shockingly small amount of time together on their wedding days, so having a first look can be a beautiful moment with couples having larger weddings. We helped coordinate the first look as a team to make sure the couple didn’t see each other ahead of time. We then had Atrisha descend the stairs at La Maquette for the beautiful surprise.

What struck you about La Maquette as an important architectural element that you could utilize in creating those beautiful wedding portraits?

La Maquette features a unique two-floor layout which made it an exciting venue to photograph. We were able to use angles from the stairs to capture moments on the dancefloor. During the day, La Maquette has beautiful lighting from the large windows on the second floor. The checkered design on the first floor also signals to guests right away that it’s time to PARTY! Everything about La Maquette is incredibly unique – upstairs, you’re in for a classy experience, and downstairs you’re there for a good time.

There is a sense of adventure and the joy of a trip in this album reminiscent of the energy in some of your elopement and current micro weddings. How do you keep the excitement and movement in your album even in more traditional locations?

It’s always important to get to know our couples ahead of time – and we’re lucky, in this case, that the couple was in the family. With all couples, it’s an important part of the process to spend a lot of time talking, laughing and getting to know what buttons to push. When you get to know your couple, as a photographer, it’s much easier to capture intimate moments, even in a crowded room. You create inside jokes, you create friendships, and that positive energy translates into the photos from their big (or small!) day. We also try to make sure our couples are always moving… because who wants to stand around for a bunch of boring photos?! We’d much rather see our couples dancing, laughing, and having a good time.


Those night shots ! wow…. tell all

We hopped outside for a few minutes (on one of the coldest nights of the year!) to capture this sparkler moment. Christian and Atrisha brought out a few trusted friends to create this sparkler and confetti moment. The sparklers created beautiful smoke in the cold air that added an extra dramatic element to the photos.

Looking back at this album, what are some of best choices you made with your couple that really helped to create a special day for them?

One of the best decisions was to take some photos in the church ahead of time. Seeing Christian and Atrisha standing at the altar they were about to be married on, walking down the aisle they would soon walk as husband and wife, created an emotional experience for the two of them. Another favorite choice was to pull the couple out for sparklers – we almost didn’t do it because of how cold it was, but it was totally worth it in the end.

bride and groom in wedding outfits walking down steps of historic big church steps

bride and groom standing outside in snow with sparklers infront of lit up church

Megan and Kenneth Photography 

Ceremony Location: St. James Cathedral, Toronto

Reception Venue: La Maquette

DJ: DJ Ken Lindsay

Hair & Makeup: Carley Artistry

Wedding Planner: By Nina Events