Angela and Chad reflect on their wedding experience at Berkeley Fieldhouse and all the beautiful memories.

You and your husband with help from the kids made some beautiful decor for your wedding day . Looking back after some time how has this created a meaningful memory for you both? (and new craft /maker interests 🙂 

Making our own decor did end up being extremely meaningful for us! We actually kept quite a lot of the decor as memoirs. The Card box has been turned into a keep-sake box, where we have placed our hand written copies of the vows, ring boxes and ring pillow, and some of the items from the wedding favour bags that we had left over. Unfortunately, no new craft interests as I am tuckered out from all the crafting for the wedding!

What are some of the ways having a wedding album you love have been positive since you received them ?

Funny enough, my husband just gave me an early valentines gift which was a beautiful canvas with one of our favourite photos printed on it! We loved the album so much, and we are so incredibly happy with the decision to hire Diego and Liza as our photographers. In the future, we are planning on having our favourite photos printed into a custom photo book but that is still a ways away.

Your photographer created some stunning wedding portraits with you and your wedding party as well around the venue. What was their approach in directing them and what makes you happy about them?

Diego and Liza are such an amazing photography team. Just seeing their work online through their website and business social media accounts, you could see how creative they are and passionate about what they do. Chad and I had complete and utter trust in them for our photographs and they did not let us down! We gave them full reign to direct us wherever and whenever they thought a good photograph could be taken and we could not have chosen a better pair for our wedding.

Because of the timing of your wedding (covid 19 ) protocols were in effect to some degree. What does having navigated your ceremony during this time and having photographs archiving it mean ?

I think having a wedding during covid was a pretty controversial topic. We definitely missed the family and friends who did not feel comfortable coming but of course that was the price we had to pay to hold a wedding during a pandemic, and knew that going into this.

However, Chad and I were extremely eager to get married and didn’t want to wait anymore. We knew from very early on that we were right for each other and meant to be together and we weren’t going to let Covid stop us from that. 

The wedding was also a major relief to many of our family and friends who did attend as well. Of course there was protocols in place to keep everyone safe but the social interaction gave us a sense of relief. Everyone had been cooped up for so long that being around people again was soothing and exciting all at the same time.

What was your process like working with your florist to arrive at those stunning florals that integrated so beautifully with the overall wedding design ? 

Initially I had pulled a few pictures from the internet of fall florals and wedding bouquets but my florist, Michelle, actually told me that most of the flowers in the photos I provided were synthetic and it would be hard to replicate the designs with real ones. However, she was able to get the vibe I was going with and picked out the most stunning flowers. She put together this great little inspiration folder and I knew I could trust her to provide beautiful fall themed bouquets and she absolutely delivered.

What does it feel like to look at the design and think I did that and see it after some time professionally photographed? 

This is actually something I am extremely proud of. I think all the little details I was so picky with weren’t noticed on an individual basis but as a whole, all those little details are what made everything come together into a beautiful result. From the burlap table runners, to all the different sizes and shapes of pumpkins and squashes, the fall leaves distributed everywhere and the wood round centre pieces. I am so proud of it all and especially knowing that myself and my family and friends were able to come together and create such a beautiful wedding on a budget.

The getting ready albums are so stunning . They archive and show the people and family close to you in a natural and beautiful way . What are some of the ways having this  archived is meaningful?

I truly love the getting ready photos for many reasons. Personally, I loved being able to see Chad and his boys getting ready, laughing with them and helping his son, Arthur, put on his adorable little suit. Chad also feels the same way about my getting ready photos, seeing me get pampered and sharing an amazing moment with my best friend, Ivy. I think looking back at the photos in the future, I’ll really cherish seeing those moments with Ivy and I getting ready. It was so much fun having a bit of girl time before the ceremony. And for Chad, as Arthur gets older, the photos of them getting ready will be important for both of them too!

Berkeley Field House indoor wedding by Diego and Liza Photography, Toronto wedding photographers

What is fun about having a first look on a wedding day ?

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t want to do a first look in the beginning. I wanted to have the traditional moment of Chad not seeing me until I walk down the aisle. However, because we had to set up our own decor, we were on a bit of a time crunch and everything would have been way too rushed if we hadn’t done a first look. In the end though, it was an extremely beautiful and intimate moment between Chad and I. We didn’t even notice the photographers and we just hugged and cried because we were so happy to finally be getting married and I will be forever grateful that this moment got to be captured on camera.

Omg your dog tell more !! And how can people follow all the cuteness (your dogs Insta): 

Gizmo is a very sassy boy! Unfortunately he didn’t get to be in the ceremony which is probably my only regret/something I wish I could go back and change. He was put inside his crate while the guests were arriving and next thing you knew the wedding was starting and the groomsman didn’t have a chance to go back and grab him. But c’est la vie I suppose! He does have an Instagram, it is @thelifeofagizmo and he is quite the model if I do say so myself.

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“If we could go back in time, I would not have it any other way. The Fieldhouse was such a beautiful venue and I felt was a more suitable fit to our rustic, fall wedding.”

Berkeley Fieldhouse

Florist : Michelle Marie Kelly

Photographer: Diego and Liza

Wedding Dress : Bellas Brides