Cassie and  Phil’s Stunning Berkeley Fieldhouse event venue Micro wedding discussed with Hunt and Gather and Scarlet O’Neill Photography.

What were some of the ways you had to creatively modify your technique to able to get all the big picture shots and all the unique aspects of the day within the permitters of safety protocols?

One thing with covid weddings is that although I’m masked and can’t make the physical contact as I usually do, there isn’t a big change in how I photograph. My work is about my couples and their connection. I’m always trying to let them be theme and almost forget me, so covid hasn’t affected how I work. I can still give guidance and capture as they connect with each other and experience the day in all the love that exists around them.

My direction when photographing is about letting my couples be themselves. I like to do a little bit of homework with some facetime meetings with the couples, and have them fill out a questionnaire. I would say I’m a people person and that plus what I mentioned is what I use to really understand them. From there, it’s applying what I know and guiding them in a way they get super comfortable just being them with all the little quirks that bring out more emotion and feeling in the images.

As a candid photographer, I’m always observing and paying attention to everything happening around my couple and between them. Being aware of this, paying attention to the mood of the room, the lighting in each area we are photographing and being open to surprises is how I create my images so that everything is truly how the day unfolded.

What were some of the biggest priorities that Cassie and Phil had for their wedding day and how did this effect the way you photographed the day ?

I would say their biggest priority on the day was to be present and have fun. And capturing that was easy because they are such a wonderful couple and truly embodied all their sweet wishes of being present, enjoying the company of those around them, and having fun.

What advice have you been giving couples who are celebrating during covid times?

My advice for couples celebrating weddings during covid is not to stress on the day, do all the work beforehand, and then on the day, let each moment sink in. Take it all in. 

Be present, don’t rush, and remember that your marriage is such a beautiful thing, and being able to celebrate it in such an intimate way has a whole lot of beauty to it, just as much as a wedding not in covid times, and dare I say maybe more in a different kind of way.

Focus on the good. There is so much good.

Some insights with Floral designs :

How if at all did Cassie and Phil have to modify their design plans to fit within the perameters of a covid wedding? 

Cassie & Phil began their planning process with me knowing that there would be parameters in place.

They were so excited to get married that they were ready for anything that may have come their way.

You made the decision on site to use baby’s breath as a garland on the couples table instead of foliage describing the result as ” light fluffy clouds”, to create a brilliant result. How did this transpire? 

The centrepieces & arch we had created for Cassie had next to no foliage incorporated in the designs. Adding one element of foliage to the wedding did not seem cohesive with the other designs and would have gotten lost on the dark table cloths.

Creating a floral installation as part of the ceremony that in versatility becomes such a  stunning setting for photography throughout the wedding experience. What was the process for this design and co ordinating with the neon sign added in ?

Due to pandemic restrictions, Cassie & Phil did not know if their ceremony would be held in the Berkeley Church or outside of The Fieldhouse. This being said, they wanted an arch that could be easily transported to their reception space regardless of the ceremony location. We then created pieces that gave the feeling of an arch but that a family member or friend could easily transport to the next location.

There is a beautifully integrated floral wedding ceremony design with contrasting elements in the aisle florals and the sculptural ceremony pieces. How did you create this balance?

I think I just focused on keeping things cohesive and not introducing new elements throughout the space.

What were some of the ways Cassie and Phil expressed their wedding vision to you and what was your process for working with them to build such a successful cohesive design? 

Cassie & Phil had so much trust in our creativity and really gave us freedom as designers. By giving us this freedom, we were able to include unique tones in their colour palette and make last minute decisions (like the baby’s breath on the head table) that helped pull everything together. Also, if our couple’s do not have wedding planners, we are always thrilled to give advice on design elements (such as napkins, flatware, etc…) to help create a cohesive design.

What are some of the best ways couples getting married can support local small businesses with their wedding budget ? 

The wedding industry in general is made up of thousands of small businesses. Almost every penny spent on weddings goes to employing creatives and family run businesses from all different backgrounds.

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