Jubilee Luxury Events in conversation about the design of an intimate Parisian Luxury Inspired style shoot planned with The Event Collective at La Maquette wedding venue Toronto.

What would you say are the various components of your overall creative brand, and how do they all work in synch together and separately?




I think the way that they work well in synch together is you can not really have, in my eyes, a successful unique event without these three components the authenticity represents the sentimental value,  the balance really just means filling in the gap’s with all the traditional elements, which in turn creates the timeless elegance.

You utilized all of the locations within the La Maquette venue so effectively with your styled shoot. How did you arrange for it to work out so well?

I love teaching people how to properly utilize spaces, it doesn’t mean you necessarily need to fill it with things. But it does mean that this venue was built perfectly because every crevice of the space is picturesque and worth utilizing it’s actually how I determine a valuable from a not so valuable venue.

You talked in a previous interview on the Berkeley Events Blog  about sharing visuals with your clients throughout the planning process to ensure that the outcome meets everyone’s expectations. Is this similar to how you work with creative partners in preparation for styled shoots?

This is exactly how I work with the vendors on styled shoots, they’re so important because if the process for this is good I know I can trust you with the process for a wedding or an event because it’s not too far off from being different it’s just a purpose is a little bit more meaningful.

What sparked inspiration for this project, and how much did you develop the narrative throughout the whole design?

To be honest I had the narrative I had been listen to French jazz and watching some videos on YouTube and with my travel bug itching had to tell my friendors hahaha,

I love inspiring others when I get inspired.

How did you select vendors to work with on this particular project? What are some of your best experiences with creative collaboration?

The best is working with another planner my good friend Cami from The Event Collective helped me out with this planning, her and her business partner own Roselle and Co as well once I told them I was inspired by French royals and the way they played with muted candy colours, I thought why don’t people do more yellow peach etc.

The solarium at La Maquette is your favourite part of the venue. You have described it as having both mother nature and the city’s busiest streets in the background. How did you approach styling the solarium to create such striking results?

I wanted a much more elevated feel thus the custom floors, and wanted to bring in the French tile brighten up the space! From there the rest was history build up, up, up haha.

There is a fun and whimsical installation involving a bicycle, florals looser than those found in the rest of the space, and handwritten letters strewn across the floor. What narrative did you have in mind for this part of the design and how did you use it to create such an effective and contrasting beauty?

That was honestly an accident but completely done by Cami haha I had wanted the pages suspended by the sweet table

Forgot fishing like then we made it like a torn up diary to improvise.

What were some of the guiding principles of the reception table styling, and what elements of the result did you like the most?

Well everyone doubted my colour choices and pattern choices and texture choices because they’re a little on the unorthodox side separately so you can’t really imagine them together but when they come together they create such a clean and look at look and that’s how to properly take risks when it comes to anything artistic like a passion or table scapes you just have to have the right eye for pairing. The table for me had to scream everything that Royal French civilians with you big feathers canary yellow plates China gold jewelled lace linen soft greens ivories or kids anything you can think of that’s grand and classic.

What is the significance of executing a styled shoot of this magnitude during a pandemic (following all safety protocols, of course), and what impact did it have.

We kept everyone must in section docked into different spaces I had my team of girls there assisting people as well. But the significance is I want to show brides with this overload of creativity and lavish design that your micro weddings don’t have to be nothing you don’t have to give up and I think it’s my job as an event designer and other jobs of other planners to encourage our clients to still make the moment special.

The beautiful food styling (and interior decoration to support it) was such a successful aspect of the design. What were some of the components and steps that had a hand in it?

All credits to my dear friend Crystal who is the owner of Kanvas catering, This was actually the first time we work together and I took a chance by bringing her three different style plates and rotating them she presented a menu to me I told her I wanted French make it a little modern but definitely keep it seasonal for the time that we were shooting.

Small and intimate are the norm right now in the event industry. What opportunities do you see to keep a full creative vision intact, while also being able to allocate the budget differently to create new and joyous experiences?

I think people are often scared that luxury and elevated styles are extremely expensive and there’s so many ways around making some thing look expensive and not spending all the money and it’s about having the right guidance to do so, I believe that most brides nowadays are giving up on that because they don’t know how to go about it I am so that’s why I continue to create to show people that there’s still a way to do it without you spending $20,000 on decor even the intimate moments should be big memories.

How would you describe the styling of the patio overlooking the sculpture garden? How do you envision this patio being used in the context of a real wedding?

In the context of a real wedding I would still have a bar and lounge set up outside on the patio because people love to mix and mingle outside as well I would use that more so for cocktail hour that’s a good way to break people from the space so they don’t wanna leave so early. I’ve seen ceremonies out there as well they are gorgeous I think you just can style it so much better with the lounge space.

How did having live music present at the shoot enhance the experience for those involved?

Having Bongo and B entertainment present was the ambiance we all needed to really feel like we were in Paris to put ourselves in the space that I was in when I was inspired to create as my first place and it really was the glue to the entire concept.

If you were use this styled shoot as the basis of a client’s wedding, what are some of the alterations you would make (if any)?

I would do a fully covered floor in the solarium I wouldn’t do the little sweet Table I would move that sweet table near the fireplace in the venue which isn’t pictured but it would be in front of the fireplace with the journal page is suspended. Other than that I would keep everything as is would have the entertainment both inside the ceremony and outdoors in the lounge area. And for the sake of Covid I would probably have a longer a little wider table with more space in between sets.

Looking back, what are some of the most pivotal decisions you made in relation to this production, and how did they impact its success?

The most pivotal I would say was the table arrangement because a big part of the set up was having it floating over the table suspended I wanted to elevate the last suspension I did with the ribbons Soooo I hold myself to a very high standard in hopes to get that done. But the success was nothing short of what I envisioned it was beautiful and Glamorous.

Creative Direction: Jubilee Luxury Events

Co-Producer : The Event Collective

Venue : La Maquette

Photographer: Liza Litvinovich

Videography : Benji Films

Floral Design, decor, luxury linen, chair rentals: Have A Seat TO And GTA

Tableware/ Vintage Prop Rentals; Roselle And Co

Lounge Furniture Rentals: Event Rental Group

Stationary Design: Polka Dot Papershop

Grazing Design: Grazing Platters in the 6ix

Wedding Gowns: Costarellos Alex Perry via White Toronto

Rings : Lian Evaz Designs

Catering: Kanvas Chefs

French Cart : Dress Your Events

Vintage Bicycle : Blue Rose Visions

Sweets : The Cocoa Cakery

Wedding Cake : Samanthas’s Cake Shop

Makeup : Monica Makeup Artist

Hair Design : Ryan McGovern on behalf of Shannon Petrolito

Designer Flooring : Paragon Designs

French Jazz Musicians : Bongo & B Entertainment

Headbands : Jennifer Behr

Accessories : The Loved One