Jono and Laynie Photography describe Christina and Paul as smart, hilarious, and down-to-earth. The Ontario photographers share their stunning intimate Berkeley Bicycle Club Wedding.

 What do you feel are some of the timeless benefits of smaller intimate weddings?

Oh man, we love intimate weddings!

They’re not for everyone, but having a smaller wedding definitely allows more time for couples to spend with their guests.

In our experience, it also can give us more time for photos which we’re a big fan of!

Christina and Paul imbued their wedding day with many personal touches that reflected their personalities which you carefully and uniquely captured. How did you achieve this so effectively?

We know our couples spend countless hours planning and executing details for their special day, so we prioritize capturing those details. As photographers we like to experiment with light and angles to find the best and most unique ways to capture whatever is in front of us – from portraits to details.

How do you direct your wedding day portraits to achieve such a wonderful mix between candid natural ease and beautifully composed editorial style photos?

Great question. We shoot a lot. We try hard.

We love documentary photography and feel it really showcases the emotions of the day, but there’s a time and place for more posed images too.

We’ve been shooting for a lot of years, so we have a sort of fine-tuned sense for when we need to be shooting each style.

Looking through the album one is struck by a unique vision of how you compose your photos. There is a fresh interesting perspective offered. What are your thought on this ?

Thanks! We’ve both been shooting for a lot of years, but we push ourselves to not get lazy, to experiment, to find unique ways to tell stories with photos!

What decisions did Christina and Paul make for their wedding day that added to your ability to create such a dynamic gorgeous album for them?

Christina and Paul are GREAT. They are the perfect blend of detail-oriented but chill. For example, it poured rain on their wedding day. And we mean POURED. It was during portrait time which is basically the worst possible time for this to happen. We huddled inside, waiting for pockets of time when the rain would let up and then we’d all run outside for more photos. So their decisions around just enjoying the day, rolling with whatever happened, went a long way in helping us capture all those images!

Is there a photo that you would pick from the album that you feel best communicated the atmosphere  and vibe of the wedding day?

Ohh, so tough! We really like some of the ones inside the building where the architecture and art is really showcased. And any photos of Christina laughing. She has a gorgeous laugh.

How much cross over is there stylistically between some of components of the wedding day photography and doing commercial and brand photography.

We need to understand light and composition for both types of photography. We need to understand depth of field and editing, focus and how to use our cameras for all kinds. So, really, a lot of crossover!

What aspects of wedding photography keep your heart and mind engaged in working with new couples?

We feel so grateful (so, SO grateful) for everyone who’s entrusted us with capturing their big day. And many of our couples have kept coming back to us for years – for baby announcement photos, family photos, lifestyle newborn sessions.

Getting to know all sorts of interesting, KIND humans – and knowing them for years to come – has been one of our very favourite parts of our job. That’s kept our hearts and minds engaged in ways nothing else has!

Did you shoot a video for this couple if yes … How do you navigate covering the still and moving image dynamically during the wedding day?

Yes, we do shoot video. We have a team of photo and video professionals that we work with, so on a wedding day that includes both photo and video, we call in the troops! Or one of us will shoot photo while the other shoots video, depending on our schedule.

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