The Sweet Intimate Elegant Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding day : Denise and Ken with Insights from The Mariner Agency.

What is striking about this sneak peek album is how unrushed, peaceful and contented everyone looks. What do you attribute to this?

This is all credit to Denise and Ken. They were so easy-going and open to all the poses and ideas we threw at them. They structured their wedding day to allow ample time for photography so we never felt rushed and were able to really slow down and be present throughout the entire day.

You have a wonderful thoughtful approach to your framing and composition where you really capture the mood and sensibility of a moment. How do you do this?

We take a photojournalistic approach to each wedding day. We’re always thinking about ‘what’s the story here? And ‘how do we communicate it through photos?’ One of our favourite lenses to use is the 35mm because of how much of the subject and the environment you’re able to fit  in the frame. This helps provide context of the location, what the weather was like that day, etc.. All the elements to help paint a clear story.

What were some of your couples biggest priorities for their album and how did you synch up with their requests to get such beautiful results ?

After having to postpone their wedding multiple times due to COVID, I think the couple was just happy and relieved that they were able to finally celebrate their special day with close family and friends.

What were some of your thoughts approaching shooting in a venue you knew quite well?

Shooting at Berkeley Fieldhouse is always a blast. There’s a sense of comfort and confidence with shooting at a venue you’re familiar with. We also love the challenge of trying to create something new — whether it’s spotting a corner of light we hadn’t seen before or finding new compositions. Because Denise and Ken gave us a good chunk of time, we were able to experiment a lot more with them.

You worked very effectively sculpting all with light and natural setting to create very interesting compositions in the album. What are some of the ways you achieve this?

Good natural light is our bread and butter. We’re always on the lookout for it. We thought it was really cool to juxtapose the city vibe with some nature and foliage by shooting at a nearby park (and world-famous convenience store hehe).

The size, mood and style of this wedding all to perfectly align with your process?

We really just fed off of how cool and collected Denise and Ken are. We were so comfortable shooting with them just as much as they were with us.

How would you describe the wedding experience?

It was just good vibes all around. It was so apparent to us how close everyone was with each other and how much love they had for the couple. Also — McDonald’s nuggets and Chinese pineapple buns. What more do you want??!

The Mariner Agency

Berkeley Fieldhouse

Florist: Ange Kavanas
Officiant: Mary Montanari
Videographer: Taylor Wilson