Giulia Moltisanti Photography shares a documentary approach to Alex and Zach’s Stunning Love filled modern wedding at Airship37 event venue Toronto.

bride and groom behind view of walking down mirrored hallway at their wedding

How would you describe your dominant photographic style for this wedding?

I take more of a documentary approach to weddings, aiming to capture natural and genuine moments so that you can really remember the feeling of a moment when you look back at them. It was no different for Alex and Zach’s wedding, making sure to capture their friends and family, as well as the joy and the laughter of the day.

elderly couple walking to their seats in a modern wedding ceremony set up

view down aisle of a wedding ceremony set up with floweral designs in aisle and hanging floral ceremony archway

Bride walking down aisle to be married in a modern building

view of bride reading her vows to groom with wedding guests in the background

What strikes you as a very good decision your couple made that paid of significantly on their big day?

The couple chose to have a first look ahead of the ceremony, allowing all the photos they wanted to be done ahead of the ceremony and ultimately leaving time for them to be present with their guests for cocktail hour. The couple also decided to do the signing right after the ceremony, instead of during it, which I feel like kept the ceremony flowing well and everyone interested!

You have a wonderful appreciation  of the wedding style that was created by uniquely capturing all the details so beautifully . What is your process for this ?

I think the main goal is to just add context to your photos, meaning instead of a zoomed up photo of someone laughing, maybe take a wider approach and show what they might be laughing at in the picture as well. This creates more context for the photo and allows you to understand the emotions better.

How would you describe the best parts of the wedding ceremony and how did you respond photographically?

Like I mentioned above, I love that they signed the papers afterwards, it created an extra special little moment for them. I also love personal vows, which I think adds a lot more emotion to photos naturally. From a logistical stand point, they had some space behind them, which allowed for me to get different angles, including some of them from the “officiant perspective” with their guests behind them so they can remember what it looked like from their perspective standing up there as well.

Looking back what makes you the happiest about the album you created for your couple ?

I think I captured some genuine moments and that is what I am most pleased about!

How do you approach getting all the special unique moments in between all that  big shot moments captured for your couple that fill out for them so much appreciation for their day ?

I try to be a fly on the wall so they don’t even notice that I’m there. I give my couples permission to be themselves and I just tell them I will be there to document the day, don’t worry about doing anything specific except for being present with your guests. I think spending time to focus on who might be important and strong connections to the couple is also helpful because you can look out for any genuine moments that come out from that.

“Don’t design for everyone. It’s impossible. All you end up doing is designing something that makes everyone unhappy.” Leisa Reichelt

What do you think of this quote in relation to working with your clients?

My style isn’t for everyone and that’s ok, i think that is the case for any vendor or person. Different clients will have different things that are important to them so don’t try to cater to everyone but instead find clients that will align with the same importances of photography that you have and aim to capture.


Venue Airship37

Photography: Giulia Moltisanti Photography 

Planning : Open Sky Weddings

Florals Lenas Floral Designs

DJ Ben : Dj Floh Back

Hair and Makeup Unojo Bridal Hairstylist Styling Your Beauty

Officiant Weddings With Lori