Frances Beatty Photography shares Ifrah & Justin’s beautiful, serene intimate wedding day at La Maquette.

bride and groom holding hands laughing at intimate wedding ceremony

There is a beautiful painterly quality to the first look album of your couple, where the palette and composition feel spontaneously pleasing yet intentional. What an Epic outcome ! What are your thoughts on this success?

Thank you! I think the first element to success in any shoot, no matter the desired outcome, is trust from your clients and trust in yourself. Without that, there’s nothing. The light is the next element for me.

bride and groom standing around corner form each other on urban street starting their first look album

bride approaching groom for first look on urban street

bride approaching groom on urban street in their wedding outfits

bride and groom standing infront of a industrial building posing in their wedding outfits

Without light, there is no photography, but I think of the light as one of the subjects of every photo and look for it everywhere.

bride walking down urban street in wedding dress with veil capturing her reflection in window

bride and groom kissing under brides veil in garden

Bride with bridal party holding bouquets in urban setting

groom standing infront of groomsmen against urban building

bride and groom walking down aisle with wedding party with sprinklers

Last but not least, I’m drawn to creating images that make you feel something, rather than just show you something, and I use a number of tools to help achieve this. 

wedding sign on Art Deco staircase under chandelier

wedding table with neon sign at wedding reception

bride hugging her mother and bride holding big bouquet

father taking picture of wedding reception flowers in Art Deco venue

bride and groom walking up stairs in an Art Deco venue

brides mom giving speech at indoor wedding reception

toronto bride and groom at wedding reception at sweetheart table

What makes a beautiful ceremony in your mind from the perspective of capturing it?

Great question!

In my humble opinion, a beautiful ceremony is one that reflects the values and personalities of the couple. One in which people are present, grounded and open.

groom walking down aisle with his mother in outdoor ceremony

wedding officiant with groom and groomsmen looking down aisle for the bride

bride walking down aisle with her mother in intimate outdoor ceremony

bride and groom and wedding officiant getting married in outdoor venue

wedding officiant giving speech with wedding couple in intimate ceremony

bride reading wedding vows to groom at intimate outdoor ceremony

bride and groom saying vows in ceremony in outdoor venue

I think often people want to have a quick ceremony to get onto the good stuff, but the ceremony is so much of the good stuff, if you let it be. Again, working with someone you trust is huge for this. Tade is a master of creating a ceremony that reflects who the couple are and really engages everyone to be present and part of it.

wedding officiant taking selfie of herself and wedding party in restaurant venue

In terms of capturing the ceremony, from a technical standpoint: space to move around freely without interfering with the experience of the couple or guests is amazing, natural light is a dream, an officiant who steps out of the way for the kiss is *chef’s kiss*, and guests who are fully present and not hiding behind their devices is beautiful.

bride saying vows to groom in outdoor wedding ceremony

bride and groom kissing in intimate wedding ceremony

bride and groom newly married in outdoor venue

“Dreams are necessary to life “ Anais Nin

How do wedding photos express the dreams a couple has?

Weddings are often an event a couple have been dreaming of, thinking about, working on and creating from scratch for the better part of a year, or more. At the end of the day, the wedding photos are what’s left for you to share that experience with others (think future generations), and for you to relive the day. I think it’s really beautiful to have a way to look back and relive that dream over and over again through the wedding photos. 

bride and groom walking down aisle in outdoor ceremony newly married

wedding portrait of bride and groom and family in outdoor venue garden

bride and groom holding hands walking in park

bride and groom standing in window of Art Deco building lit at night time

What were some of the qualities you liked best about la maquette as a Wedding venue and how did you use these attributes to the advantage of your album?

I found myself really drawn to the light in the space and how it changed throughout the day. It was also special to have this downtown and central space feel private and removed during the ceremony on the patio. That’s something you worry about when you work on weddings downtown: that the ceremony will be disrupted by traffic or passerbys, or feel chaotic. It had none of those issues. It was such a beautiful and serene space to have an intimate and emotional ceremony. 

wedding flower arrangements in urban arts deco garden

wedding sign in the entrance of Art Deco restaurant venue

bride walking into wedding venue

wedding reception all set up and designed in Art Deco style venue

bride walking through wedding reception set up in Art Deco building

wedding reception in Art Deco venue

wedding reception set up in Art Deco solarium

bride walking through wedding reception set up in Art Deco building

What sticks with you as a unique and memorable experience you had working with your couple on their big day?

Ifrah & Justin are pretty special humans. They were so trusting, vulnerable and fun to work with. They carved out time after the ceremony to take in the fact that they were married, together alone in the park. They were kind enough to let me tag along for a few minutes of it, but then I respectfully gave them the space they desired. I wish that was something more couple’s did on their wedding day. Take a few moments to themselves to process the importance of what has just happened. 

black and white shot of couple walking in park in their wedding attire

view through decorative iron gate of bride and groom walking down urban street infront of historic church

Bride and groom sitting in wedding attire driving beer on a bench infornt of historic church in garden

bride and groom posing in park

Photographer : Frances Beatty Photography

La Maquette Venue

Florals & Coordination : Flower Treasures

Stationary : SB Creative Studios

Dress : Oh Happy Brides 

Officiant : The Marrying Lady 

Hair Stylist Saara G

Makeup Artist Tess B

Entertainment – Mikey McFly