Tomophotography shares the elegant romantic wedding story of Jessica and Rory’s Historic Berkeley Church Wedding.

groom dipping bride in rustic historic church infront of neon sign

I focus on you interacting with each other to create natural and emotional filled images. “ Tomophotography

bride walking down urban street with her bridesmaids

bride and groom having first look in downtown urban setting

bride smiling seeing groom in first look in downtown urban street

bride and groom standing in mezzanine of historic church

What are some of the ways you achieve this so effectively for your couples?

I like to get to know my couples ahead of time, whether that be through hanging out and photographing their engagement session, or having a video chat before the wedding to get to know my clients as a couple.  Understanding who my couples are ahead of time and how they interact with one another really helps me when documenting their wedding photos.

mother pinning wedding veil on her daughter

father pinning boutineer on his son

bride and groom standing on stairs in entranceway of historic church

bride and groom sitting on bench in rustic historic church wine cellar

bride and groom kissing in

bride and groom dancing with their parents on stage of historic vintage church

The urban portraits you took of Jessica and Rory in the downtown core have such a gorgeous architectural dynamic beauty to them. What is the story of capturing them?  

Funny story actually, we were frantically trying to find locations for their couple portraits weeks leading up to their wedding and unfortunately had no luck.  Most places we wanted to use were going to be too crowded or were currently under construction.  I ended up getting to Toronto an hour early the morning of their wedding and taking a stroll down a few streets close to their hotel and came up with a few locations for us to hit up.  The locations were a success and the photos turned out great!

bride and groom walking down urban street

bride and groom pressing heads together in urban setting

bride and groom standing infront of downtown historic building in black and white

What were some of the qualities of the venue that contributed to your couple choosing the Berkeley church for their ceremony?

My clients said, as soon as they walked into the Berkeley Church they knew it was going to be their wedding venue. They loved that there were unique spaces where they could have their ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all under one roof.

bride and groom with officiant saying vows in historic church

They liked that the venue had its own natural charm so they didn’t need a lot of decor except candles which added to the romantic feel of the space. Their favourite part of the venue was the ceremony space located on the Mezzanine floor.

bride walking down aisle with her dad in historic church

groom standing at wedding alter looking down aisle at his bride

bride and groom standing at wedding alter in historic church

The dark hardwood floor, white walls and large stained glass windows added the “traditional church” wedding feel to their ceremony that they were looking for.  For their ceremony decor, they kept it simple with only two floral arrangements because they wanted the gorgeous stained glass windows and charm of the venue to be the main focal point. Everything turned out beautifully.

bride and groom at wedding alter with officiant infront of historic vintage windows

bride and groom kissing in historic church infront of wedding alter

bride and groom newly married in historic church

bride and groom walking down aisle in historic church

elegant wedding designs in historic church venue

elegant wedding designs in historic church venue

What is something you wish couples knew about the process of having a wedding from your perspective and experience?

I’ve photographed a lot of weddings and every wedding is unique in their own way.  Couples need to be in the moment and enjoy the company of all their loved ones.  The best photos are the ones when you’re enjoying yourself and forget the photographer is even there.  Jessica and Rory don’t take themselves too seriously and know how to have fun and that is what it’s all about.

bride and groom walking down street infront of a rustic garden fence

bride and groom stanind looking at each other in modern venue

bride and groom sitting on sofa infront of modern neon painting in historic church venue

bridal party kissing and hugging bride infront of a neon sign in rustic church

groom standing with his wedding party infront of a neon sign in historic venue

Looking back at this album what makes you smile ?

There are so many great moments throughout their day that make me smile but looking back, one moment that stands out the most was during their elevator photos. You wouldn’t know it looking at the photos but these photos were super chaotic!  Trying to get the perfect shot of the two of them in the elevator before the elevator door closed on them was so difficult but also so hilarious, these are some of my favourite photos of the day by far as they aren’t posed and it’s just the two of them having fun and being in the moment!

bride and groom kissing in elevator as its shutting

bride drinking champagne with groom in elevator

groom holding elevator door open kissing bride with her bouquet

bride and groom walking out of elevator

bride and groom sitting at sweetheart table in historic church


Berkeley Church

Officiant : Married By Marilyn

DJ- Delvinyl

Hair: KaraMay Shannon

Makeup: Lavish Flair 

Event Planner : Karliwood Events