Raising funds and awareness for Toronto Alzheimer Society : Memory Ball fundraiser at Historic Berkeley Church.

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What were some of the best outcomes from your recent memory ball fundraiser at Berkeley Church?

Great opportunity to see all the friendly faces we missed since our last Gala before the pandemic, the courtyard was a beautiful spot to welcome guests and take photos (the weather really helped this come alive).

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The venue provided countless areas for individuals to catch up, take part in activations, have their photo taken, listen to the music or dance the night away, all under one roof!

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We loved character and the charm of the venue, barely needed a decor budget!

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The Memory Ball beyond raising money for the Canadian Alzheimers Society also does educational work and advocacy as well as proving more general mental health awareness through micro programming and awareness campaigns. Can you elaborate on this ? 

** Toronto Alzheimer Society

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Since our inaugural event in 2012, Memory Ball has been operating with the following mission:

  1. Dispel the myth that Alzheimer’s disease only affects the elderly and reduce the stigma around early on-set Alzheimer’s.
  2. Support caregivers by advocating on their behalf, and providing emotional and financial resources.
  3. Conquer the disease within our lifetime by funding research for a cure.
  4. Teach young people on how to keep their brains healthy, longer.

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We’ve hosted gala events like the one at Berkeley Church with a cumulative attendance number of 5,000+ people in Toronto, we’ve also lead reset and recharge seminars where we focus on meditation and the proactive activities young people can focus on to maintain and strengthen brain health.

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The Memory Ball team has volunteered at other Alzheimer Society Fundraising initiatives including the Walk for Memories. Our founding members have spoke at many forums on their personal experiences being caregivers at a young age, for a parent with late stage dementia.

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What are some of the areas of work that the Canadian Alzheimers Society is working on that you are most excited about ?

*** Toronto Alzheimer Society

The Alzheimer Society is a vital part of the community health response to the incoming “grey wave”. With an aging population the frequency and severity of diseases like Alzheimer & Dementia, is growing rapidly. Families looking for support can rely on the Alzheimer Society to provide them with support groups, guidance through the public health system, various other classes to engage the rest of the family. The Alzheimer Society works closely with it’s provincial and federal counterparts to provide funds for research, all in the hopes of finding a cure and in the absence of that supporting families or those impacted by this incurable degenerative disease.

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What advice would you give someone who is caring for a family member with early onset Alzheimers and how has been being part of a community added to your quality of life ?

Every stage of this disease is as individual as the person it affects. Where possible find enjoyment when you can, sharing music can provide a beautiful moment at any stage of the disease.

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Getting involved with your local Alzheimer Society chapter can provide much needed support and guidance. The isolation that this disease can create in families and individuals suffering sometimes feels too great to bare, as such trying to create your own network of support is vital. Knowing that you are not alone and that there is so much this disease can teach you about patience, gratitude and enjoying the now.

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