The joy and beauty of the wedding day of Alex + Conor at Berkeley Fieldhouse shared by Giuliamoltisanti Photography.

bride and groom hugging at wedding ceremony

bride and groom at wedding ceremony smiling at officiant

You talk about the process of how you capture the feelings of a wedding day in the albums you create. What do you attribute to the success of the beautiful range of emotions and beautiful expressions captured in the album of Alex and Conor?  

I talk a lot to my couples about really being in the moment and being present with the people around them. In fact, I actually tell them to ignore me haha. Don’t focus on where I am, focus on your person, your people, and the joy of the day instead of what I might be doing. Sure, I can capture beautiful emotions and expressions, but only if they are ACTUALLY happening. I can’t create fake emotions, it’s the couples that have to let themselves be free in those moments, and I’m just there to capture that for them!

bride walking down aisle with groom in outdoor rustic venue

bride hugging father in wedding ceremony aisle

view over officiants shoulder to see bride and groom

wedding guests sitting on patio for wedding ceremony

bride and groom laughing holding hands looking out over wedding guests

bride and groom kissing in outdoor ceremony

bride and groom walking down aisle in intimate outdoor ceremony

bride and groom kissing in a big dip pose in the aisle of their wedding ceremony

What were some of the priorities your couple had for their wedding day and how did you work with them to highlight them in their day? 

It was very important for my couple to have candids and photos of their friends and family. They told me it was something they loved to do together, to spend time with friends/family, so I knew that anyone there would be important to capture naturally. They also told me that they appreciated the intimate moments in the candid photos so that was another thing I knew to keep in mind. So I made sure to create a space of comfort and trust, so they could be fully present in the moment and trust that I would be around to capture those moments for them.

bride sitting on bed with bridesmaids in matching pyjamas

groom and groomsmen stepping out on urban street

bride with groom and their dog on urban street

bride and groom kissing their dog

bride and groom walking across stream in outdoor venue

groom dipping bride in kiss in wedding aisle

bride and groom walking into reception bride waving her bouquet

wedding guests waving serviettes in air in wedding reception

wedding guest waving serviettes in the air

“I take more of a documentary approach to weddings, aiming to capture natural and genuine moments so that you can really remember the feeling of a moment when you look back at them.” How did this approach work so dynamically with the personality and tone of the wedding couples day?

Alex + Conor really trusted me the entire day, which honestly lets me do my best work. If I know that my couple believes in me, it opens up a lot more creativity to get my best work. They also wanted more candid shots as opposed to posed shots, so a documentary approach really meshed well with their personalities.

bride and groom standing on stairs walking up to treehouse

bride hugging groom on tree house deck

bride and groom standing in treehouse gazing at each other

bride and groom standing together in treehouse deck

bride and groom holding hands at wedding ceremony

bride and groom signing wedding papers in outdoor venue

groom twirling bride in outdoor venue

bride and groom dancing on outdoor patio

Looking back what stands out to you as an aspect of the album that you were particularly proud of and excited to share? 

There are honestly a lot of things I love about this album but what excited me most was actually the pictures of just the two of them. Not because they were perfectly posed, or in a cool spot, but because if you notice in a lot of the photos of the two of them they are focused solely on each other. And you can see the genuine love in their eyes. They weren’t worried about a wrinkle at the bottom of a dress, or a hair not tucked in properly. or a button on a suit being done up or not, they were just focused on each other. I think that’s honestly what it should be about when you’re looking back at the photos. Others aren’t going to notice those tiny things, they are going to notice how your grin reaches ear to ear, how your eyes are speaking to each other with just a glance, how you’re holding each other. It’s THOSE tiny details you should be focused on.

bride with her bridesmaids hugging on urban street

groom hugging his mother outside wedding venue

wedding guests during wedding reception

grooms dad doing some fun dance moves in wedding reception

“There’s something strange and powerful about black and white imagery.”

– Stefan Kanfer

What do you think of this quote in relation to making the choice to use the black and white format for an image? I couldn’t agree with that quote more and I truthfully can’t explain what makes me decide to change a photo to black and white. It’s just when the black and white gives me a certain feeling, is when I know it should be shown that way. I tend to put a lot of small details (gentle touch, wiping a tear, hand holding) in black and whites because oftentimes I feel like it draws your attention to that small tiny detail. That detail that everyone can usually relate to and know what it feels like even if they are not the people in the photos themselves. Black and whites can just pull out certain emotions that otherwise might sometimes not come across as strongly in a colour image.

brides mother adjusting brides veil

brides mom putting on her daughters shoes for her wedding ceremony

bride and groom kissing with burst of light behind them

bride and groom stepping out onto urban street in their formal wear

bride and groom showing rings infront of treehouse


Photographer – Giuliamoltisanti Photography

Officiant – All you need is love

Makeup- Sky Shapiro Beauty

Rings – Jacob Mercari

Florist – Flower by CC

DJ – Colthrust Entertainment

Signage – Designs by Twenty 8

Dress – Mikaella Bridal