Everglow Photography shares the intimate stylish moments of Amy-Louise and Augusto’s la Maquette wedding day.

bride and groom walking across street with street car tracks

bride and groom walking across street with street car tracks and kissing

Being present, responding, and documenting the whole wedding day experience is a priority for you. What is your process for doing this so effectively?

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most challenging decisions to make when planning a wedding. It’s essential to have an emotional connection with your wedding photographer. Your photographer will be the only vendor who will spend most of their time with you at your wedding. I don’t treat each wedding the same way.

bride and groom hugging on urban street in front of a streetcar


flat lay of grooms vows and cologne and bow tie

flat lay of brides shoes and bouquet vows and perfume

wedding day drink on table with glasses

To me, it’s crucial to get to know my couples and understand how they envision their wedding day. I’m there for my couples throughout the planning process. I want to get to know them well before I photograph them.

groom walking down aisle with parents in outdoor venue

bride waling with her mother and father down aisle in outdoor venue

bride and groom saying wedding vows in outdoor venue holding hands

long view of wedding couple on outdoor patio saying vows

bride and groom saying vows in outdoor venue

bride and groom kissing in outdoor ceremony after being married

On the wedding day, I want to feel like I’m a part of it, not just a vendor. I can easily blend in and create unforgettable memories by emotionally connecting with my couple before their wedding. Our connection allows me to create spontaneous, vibrant, light-hearted images.

bride and groom kissing in urban street shot

bride and groom hugging outside outdoor art deco venue

You have talked about the benefits and considerations for shooting portraits in downtown Toronto. With this day what were some of the key considerations that produced the success of the album.

I love the energy of the city while shooting downtown. I always encourage my couples to enjoy their wedding day, and I cut the bride-and-groom session into smaller pieces: a first-look session or a session during the cocktail hour, sunset photos, and, ideally, some night shots that offer different lighting scenarios. The vibe of the city changes throughout the day and evening.

bride walking up to have first look with groom overlooking a lake

bride and groom hugging in front of outdoor waterfall in outdoor garden

Shooting downtown also means having people and cars in the background. They add more energy to the photos and showcase the city’s energy.

bride and groom in wedding outfits in front of moving streetcar on urban street

If you were to choose three images that express the mood and energy of the day, which would they be?

I would choose candid images of the couple and the guests. My goal as a photographer is always to capture all the emotions between people: looks, touches, tears, and smiles. These images will remind the couple and wedding guests how they felt that day.

close up of brides face emotional hugging her mother

bride popping champagne with her wedding party

grooms father putting cufflinks on for him

groom walking with his wedding party in formal wear in front of a waterfall wall

bride posing with her wedding party in formal wear all wearing heart shaped sunglasses

groom with his wedding party in urban garden

bride and groom hugging wedding party in outdoor patio venue

bride and groom in outdoor venue garden kissing infront of their wedding guests

bride and groom at head table of wedding reception, the groom is emotionally crying listening to a speech

bride giving wedding speech at wedding reception could listening at head table

I also love Amy-Louise and Augusto’s session around the venue and the outdoor ceremony, with the streetcars passing by in the background.

bride and groom saying vows in outdoor wedding venue with urban street with streetcars in background

bride and groom kissing in outdoor venue patio with street car passing by in background

Why did your couple choose La Maquette and given these priorities how did you best bring out the qualities and aesthetic of the space?

Couple’s answer:

We chose La Maquette for so many reasons!

We are downtown people through and through, and we really wanted a venue downtown to reflect that. Having a country wedding just didn’t feel like us. La Maquette’s location is so accessible and for guests visiting Toronto, it meant, they didn’t have to travel even further to a venue outside the city. But despite being on King street, it was so private. It was also important to us to have the ceremony and reception both in once place and we loved the idea of having the ceremony outside; the patio is very beautiful. We then had the dinner upstairs and the party was held downstairs, with the checkered floor making the perfect dance floor.

mother of bride and groom lighting candles at outdoor wedding ceremony

bride and groom waking up stairs in art deco venue

bride and groom walking though reception at art deco venue

bride and groom giving wedding speech in art deco venue

wedding guests mingling having cocktails in art deco venue

The services provided by the La Maquette team, meant we didn’t have to involve outside caterers, rentals, bar staff, or alcohol. They took care of everything and when planning a wedding, that’s a huge weight lifted off your shoulders! Our friends still talk about the food and cocktails! Shout out to Lisa, for being an amazing day of coordinator!

One final reason: La Maquette is so beautiful that it doesn’t need much decorating. We had flowers in bud vases and candles on the tables, a paper flower arch for the ceremony and above our sweetheart table and candles in the shelves in the wall. It was simple yet so romantic and elegant.

wedding table styled for reception in art deco inspired restaurant

wedding table styled for reception in art deco inspired restaurant

art deco wedding reception with chandelier and styled interior

La Maquette was the first venue we visited, and when we left, I said to my then fiancé, “If you told me that was the only place that we could have our wedding, I’d be so happy.” No other venue really lived up to it after that!

Toronto wedding party posing in urban wedding garden

bride and groom hugging infront of outdoor venue with wedding trail

Photographer’s answer:

I knew that Amy-Louise and Augusto were downtown people, so I incorporated the downtown vibe into their wedding day. Beforehand, we had talked about different areas around the venue that they liked and wanted to capture. La Maquette is a beautiful place with a lot of natural light that requires minimalistic decor. My goal while shooting this wedding was to mix a downtown vibe with many candid and emotional images and showcase the elegance and simplicity of La Maquette.

bride and groom hugging on urban street

bride in wedding dress with bouquet posing inform to outdoor garden waterfall wall

bride and groom looking at each other with wedding party surrounding them in urban outdoor venue

Photographer : Everglow Photography

La Maquette wedding venue

Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist : Meghan Victoria  

from Toronto Beauty Group

Floral/ Decor Riverside Flower Shop @riversideflowershop

DJ/ Band 808 Entertainment @celebritydru @808deejays