Brianne Daigle Photography shares David and Jessica’s love filled romantic Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding.

bride and groom dancing in treehouse

“For me photography is 10% head, 90% soul” Stuart Wilde. What do you think of this photographers thoughts.

I think it’s pretty close to the truth. The head is your technique. You need the technique to be able to use your tools plain and simple. But the rest is being able to capture the story. Knowing how to utilize your skills (Head) so you can effectively convey in a photograph the intent, the meaning and the emotion behind it (Soul).

Everyone know how to snap a picture but you need to follow your inside voice to create, which is your soul.

bride walking down aisle with her mother and father

outdoor wedding ceremony wit bride and groom and officiant

mother and father of the bride witting with wedding guests during ceremony holding bouquets

bride and groom and wedding officiant in outdoor venue

bride and groom with wedding officiant in outdoor venue

close up of bride and groom with wedding officiant

over the shoulder shot of man taking picture of a bride and groom getting married

bride and groom kissing at wedding alter

bride and groom newly married in outdoor ceremony

The mood of the reception was so romantic, intimate and love filled. What were some of the factors that contributed to this and how did you communicate it so effectively in the album?

These two have a large family and community around them that adore them. And you felt that when you started meeting guests in the beginning of the day.

wedding dress hanging in backyard with with tree and shed

mother of the bride walking down hallway in house with brides veil

groom with his wedding party getting ready for wedding

mom putting boutineer on grooms jacket

mother of the bride fastening brides dress

bride and best woman kneeling fixing the bouquet

bride and groom walking down street in formal wear

When it came time to photograph the more intimate moments later in the evening I wanted to make sure that was felt. I framed it so people were always around the person. Creating that closeness and warmth. I kept to the available candle light as much as possible to again bring out the romantic and intimate feel. The giant white wall behind the couple acted like a giant soft box so I utilized that as a fill. It meant I could limit my flash to the partying later.

bride and groom walking through all set of wedding reception set up in loft style space

wedding reception all set up

bride and groom walking into the reception in loft style venue

husband dancing with his mother in candle reception

bride and groom dancing in wedding reception

There is a beautiful filmic quality to your work and the album moves through interesting compositions and a beautiful creative use of light. How would you describe your style and process?

I’m a huge film nerd at heart and I like that every couple has their own love story to tell. My style is a reflection of that. How can I tell their story and romantize it in still images.

bride and groom in formal wear walking across urban street

bride an groom sitting together in urban rustic garden

bride kissing groom in wedding reception

The composition and light are other avenues that I use to help tell it. So my process is more of checklist when I enter a new space or moment.

Did I show the space, the details, did I show how it felt to be there. And did I visually tell it like you were there.

bride in wedding dress climbing stairs in outdoor treehouse

view of bride over grooms shoulder in sunlit treehouse

bride and groom looking at each other in formal wear in sunlit treehouse

bride reading her vows to her husband in sunlit treehouse

bride reading her vows to her husband in sunlit treehouse

bride and groom walking down stairs from a treehouse

bride and groom kissing in treehouse

bride and groom walking down stairs

bride and groom in formal wear crossing across a stream

wedding guests taking pictures of bride and groom

What would be three words you would chose to communicate the atmosphere, energy and feeling of the day?

A Vibe, Community, Love

wedding guests posing infant of a selfie machine

bride and groom walking into the reception in loft style venue

close up of sweetheart table with neon light behind

bride and groom kissing infant of sweetheart table

bride and groom walking down aisle in wedding ceremony

wedding guests toasting bride and groom in candlelit loft style venue

What do you think were some of the best choices you made with your couple during the wedding day that translated into the beautiful album?

Honestly, most of the best choices made were the ones done before the wedding day. The trust built before. That they know they can ask me anything and tell me where their boundaries lay. How comfortable and uncomfortable in front of the camera they are. And how we could create together to honor who they are as individuals and a couple.

bride and groom at wedding ceremony with officiant saying vows

bride and groom walking down aisle in outdoor venue

wedding guests taking photos of bride and groom

As a result on their wedding day they were open and honest with me. They could voice their concerns or tell me intimate things and we could work with it. We could create and work with whatever arose with ease because of that trust built prior. The wedding day with these two was relaxed and fun as a result.

bride and groom walking down stairs in outdoor venue

bride and groom posing in outdoor venue

bride and groom posing in outdoor garden in their formal wear

bride toasting from sweetheart table in candles reception

You effectively moved throughout the cocktail reception creating intimate expressive shots of all the gestures and meaningful communications. What do you attribute to this success?

Some of it was sitting back and watching. Seeing who’s doing what. Keeping an eye on key people and try to be aware if they start heading to another key person to follow. Trying to keep as much distance between who i’m shooting and my camera. The more distance the more relaxed and natural people are when I capture them. And being quick. I won’t lift my camera and shoot unless I’ve already got it framed in real life. It makes for a quick shot before the person at the other ends notices meaning the moment isn’t ruined by a camera.

wedding guests sitting on sofa in outdoor venue

guests standing against modern loft style building

wedding guests in outdoor rustic venue

outdoor cocktail reception with guests on patio

As someone who appreciates nature and exploring, how did this venue offer opportunities to bring some of these elements into a downtown venue?

It was crazy to me how much you felt like you were in a a little nature park somewhere else entirely. And yet right out the door is the beautiful city we all know and love. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore and I kept finding them through out the day. We were able to also quickly switch gears from nature based images to city just by popping outside. It’s a versatile space. You don’t have to sacrifice your style or wants at this downtown venue which I loved.

flowers on alter in outdoor rustic venue

reflection of leaves on tent

vintage fountain spurting water in rustic venue

bride walking up steps of treehouse in formal wear with bouquet

groom standing in entrance way of treehouse watching bride climb the stairs

bride and groom walking in formal wear though rustic garden

bride and groom standing looking at each other in urban rustic garden

Photographer : Brianne Daigle Photography

Bride’s Dress – Alyssa Kristin

Hair – Adriana from Fiorio 

Makeup –  Brendan Yhip

Groom Suit – Gent’s Customer Wear 

Florist-  Ital Florist Ltd.

Wedding planner – Dream Weaver Events  Shana DeRoché

Rhythm Force Productions DJ Rahul Mitera

Photo Booth – Fame and Flash