Danielle Arnold Photography shares Allie and Terence’s stunning, fun nature inspired Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding.

bride and groom walking down street with wedding attire wearing sunglasses

toronto bride and groom wedding portraits

Can you elaborate on how a wedding album has the potential to keep reminders close.

From the moment you get ready until the end of your reception, wedding images help tell the story of your day. It’s a way to preserve the memories and transport you back to your day. After your wedding, photos are the one thing that will stay forever. They allow you to relive those special moments and emotions, as time goes by.

floral arrangements laid out for wedding party

groom holding small child waiting for first look

bride and groom hugging infront of rustic garage with bride holding a bouquet

How do you think the design and wedding style choices communicated the couples personalities and intentions for their day?

The couple intentionally chose a venue that reflected their intended aesthetic. Potted plants, vintage rugs, and dried botanicals reflected their laid-back bohemian modern style.

outdoor wedding ceremony with boho plant decor

bride and groom staring in wedding ceremony alter in outdoor venue

How does having lifestyle and branding photography as part of your career influence the way you capture a wedding day?

As a wedding photographer, I recognize that the wedding “story”and the “brand” are interwoven. My knowledge and experience of branding and lifestyle photography gives me valuable insights in anticipating what story the couple wants to communicate to both loved ones and the public.

bride in wedding dress looking at herself in mirror

bridesmaids in orange dresses covering their eyes in sun room waiting to see reveal of bride

bride walking though kitchen in wedding dress to show her bridesmaids her dress

bride showing her bridal party her dress in a first look

bride holding bouquet of flowers

bride and groom kissing in a dip with bouquet in urban alleyway

bride and groom in rustic garden groom cracking open champagne

What was your couples response when they first received their album from you?

The couple were ecstatic with the final album. Not only were they pleased with the style and attention to detail in the photos themselves, but they appreciated my unique approach on capturing their story. Their family were grateful that I added a grounding presence to the overall experience.

bride and groom walking down street wearing formal wear

bride and groom and wedding party standing infornt of large tree on urban street

wedding couple doing a toast in a loft style reception space

bride holding her child with groom dancing in circle of wedding guests

father of bride twirling bride in lost style venue with chandelier

groom and his mother dancing in wedding reception

bride and groom kissing in wedding reception with chandeliers in loft style venue

How do you prioritize what moments you want to archive in a wedding day?

Throughout each wedding day there are many meaningful moments – putting on the dress, the first look, walking down the aisle, the vows- the list goes on. It’s important to chat with the couple to see what’s important to them and prioritize those.

groom standing with small child at wedding ceremony with child looking out at his bride

bride walking down aisle with mother and father in wedding ceremony

groom walking down aisle with mother and father and small child

bride and groom going wedding vows with their wedding officiant in intimate ceremony bride holding child and couple laughing

wedding guests in outdoor ceremony

close up of bride and groom holding hands with wedding officiant

bride and groom going wedding vows with their wedding officiant in intimate ceremony bride holding child and couple laughing

bride and groom at wedding ceremony with wedding officiant

wedding guests clapping in wedding ceremony audience

bride and groom kissing at wedding ceremony alter

bride and groom walking down aisle in wedding ceremo0ny

bride and groom in wedding aisle kissing newly married

What were some of the aspects of Berkeley Fieldhouse that made them chose it as a wedding venue and how did you incorporate and highlight these qualities in your album?

In speaking with the couple, they loved the indoor and outdoor space and the overall vibe of the venue. It meant they could hold a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, have a chill cocktail hour, and then head inside for a strolling dinner, and party all without leaving the city. They also loved that it was really intimate and they didn’t have to add a lot of decor because the space is already so beautiful – truly a little oasis right off of Queen Street.

bride and groom staring infront of treelined street

outdoor wedding ceremony with boho plant decor

rustic boho designed loft style wedding reception space

flowers and plants on stairs on loft style venue

flowers and plants on stairs on loft style venue

How does having multiple ceremonies and traditions incorporated into the day create an opportunity to share more of the couples love story?

Each love story is unique. Incorporating wedding traditions is not only a great way to make your wedding personal, its also a nice tribute to your family – a way to honour and connect both families together.

pouring tea in intimate tea ceremony

bride and groom at tea ceremony

tea ceremony for bride and groom

mother and father of the groom drinking tea in intimate tea ceremony

What three words would you choose to describe the atmosphere and feeling of this wedding day? 

Effortless, unique and fun.

bride and groom walking down alley in full wedding outfits with a bouquet

shot of shoes with tie

groom getting ready tying his shoe on sofa with a small dog

groom and groomsmen getting ready in house

mother of groom and his aunt in house getting ready

groomsmen dancing into bright lost style reception

bride and groom entering the wedding reception with child

mirror with neon sign reflecting in it with plants and rustic decor

mother and father of the groom sitting in loft style venue infornt of large windows

best woman giving wedding speech at rustic wedding venue

bride with husband and child at wedding reception listening to speeches

bride and groom dancing in loft style venue

Photographer : Danielle Arnold Photography

Videography : Lisa Fogt

Event Planning and Design : Sj Events 

Officiant : My Wedding Officiant

DJ: Louis Artale

Cake and Dessert : Craigs Cookies

Hairstylist : Alexis Ibero Hairstylist 

Makeup : Kristin Wayne Makeup