Boakview Photography shares Jaimie and Matt’s vibrant beautiful Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding.

groom standing in garden with bride walking up from behind for first look

groom standing in garden with bride walking up from behind for first look

bride and groom kissing infornt of rustic gate in outdoor venue

Artist Elsa Schiaparelli said “Fortunately, if unfortunately for me, I am always at my best when I am unhampered: when I can let myself go and have a little fun.”

How does this relate to your ability to balance the intense focus needed to capture the day with letting go a little to find the flow of the day?

Every wedding is unique and I always feed off the energy of my couples. Jaimie and Matt were super chill and super quirky and funny – I didn’t feel like I was there as “hired help” but rather as part of their team and that helps a lot to balance the focus and to have fun!

bride and groom walk-in on urban street infornt of garage

bride and groom standing on urban street corner with streetcar in background

bride posing on carousel tiger in wedding dress

bride surrounded by her bridemaids they all have bouquets

From your experience what are some of the elements of a wedding ceremony that ensure it is a success?

Make it a quick one!

groom walking into ceremony in outdoor venue

bride walking towards wedding ceremony between her mom and dad

back of bride and her mother and father walking down wedding aisle in outdoor wedding ceremony

over the shoulder of bride seeing grooms smiling face

bride and groom with wedding officiant in intimate ceremony

bride and groom saying their vows at wedding ceremony bride laugh covering her mouth

wedding ceremony in outdoor venue

bride and groom kissing at wedding ceremony in outdoor patio

bride and groom kissing in aisle of wedding ceremony

You effectively use the contrasting elements in the space to create visually stunning portraits. What is your process for finding these viewpoints?

I think photographers really see the world through a different lens. We notice texture and light and unique spaces that others may just pass so for me it’s less about process and more about how I view the world around me – if that makes sense.

bride looking at groom infront of rustic garden fence in urban garden

bride pinning boutineer onto grooms suit

bride and groom standing outside of rustic wedding venue

bride and groom posing in rustic outdoor venue garden

wedding guest coming around corner to see couple with surprised happy expression

bride and groom hugging infront of rustic background

bride and groom greeting guests at wedding table at intimate reception

view into loft style venue with wedding reception

You worked with the natural light of the wedding day to create a vibrancy and  highlight all the beautiful elements, what contributed to this success?

The light at Berkeley Fieldhouse speaks for itself. The way it streams from the outside into the space is beautiful and easy to capture.

view through rustic door into loft style venue

loft style wedding venue with botanical style

bouquet of flowers on table in brightly lit loft style venue

head table decorated in loft style venue with large antique mirror

How do you decide which images present effectively as black and white format?

Usually light and emotion determine whether of not I will edit an image in black and white. I love really emotive black and white images. On a more practical level, if the light is bad and I cannot control it, chances are it will become a black and white image LOL

bride and groom and wedding party in urban garden at rustic venue

bride and groom having wedding dance in loft style reception

bride and groom holding hands walking down steps of front of historic church venue

How do you balance capturing the unique style and atmosphere specific to your couples day while still incorporating timeless images?

Good question! I think everything I capture is determined by the couple/ client and their energy. I obviously have some go-to shots etc. but the rest of the day I am documenting as the day unfolds. 100% of the time, my couple’s style and uniqueness shines through. In terms of consistency, I make sure to keep my editing very consistent and timeless and I tend to shy away from trends.

mother of bride getting her dress ready in brightly lit loft style room

bride and groom posing in outdoor urban venue with neon sign through window

view of bride and groom through doorway in rustic venue

bride and groom wedding portrait though reflecting glass

bride and groom standing outside historic venue

How do you cultivate your ability to effectively capture all the subtle nuanced exchanges of the wedding day of the couple and all their guests?

By being always ON!

bride showing dress to her wedding party

bride walking down street with her wedding party

groom bing held sideways by all his groomsmen in urban garden in wedding outfits

bride and groom and wedding party in rustic garden

bride and groom laughing at wedding reception

wedding guests toasting wedding party at head table at wedding reception

groom dancing with his mother in intimate loft style wedding venue

bride and groom dancing in loft style open venue

What stands out as a particularly good choice the couple made in their planning process that really contributed to the success of their wedding day?

I loved the game they incorporated into their reception, it was so much fun to capture the emotion and the fun. Jaimie and Matt have such a wonderful and close group of friends and the way they organized their reception really captured that essence!

wedding guests dancing into wedding reception

wedding guests dancing into wedding reception

bride and groom walking in through wedding reception in loft style venue

bride and groom walking into the wedding reception dancing

bride and groom sitting at head table viewing guests playing a chair game

wedding guests playing musical chairs at wedding reception in loft style space

wedding guests playing chair game at wedding reception in loft style space

bride and groom cheering during their wedding speech during wedding reception

Photographer : Boakview Photography

Venue: Berkeley Fieldhouse

Planner : Events By Whim

Invitations : Botanical Paperworks

Officiant : My Wedding Officiant 

Florals : Whisky Jack Flowers 

Makeup: Makeup By Rebecca K

Dress : David’s Bridal 

Hair : Rachel Roshni

DJ Band : Alley Entertainment