Life as She knows it Photography captures the warm and magical atmosphere of Nina and Andrew’s wedding day.

toronto bride in rustic dressing room in carousel lion

What were some of the the customs and traditions that Nina and Andrew had as part of their wedding day and how did you best share the essence of them?

Nina and Andrew had a beautiful multicultural wedding. They incorporated features from their Persian and Chilean heritages through music, ceremony rituals, and decor.

A key moment was when Nina’s sister burned incense around Nina and Andrew at the start of the ceremony. There was a palpable sense of importance and it was important to me to capture that quiet moment in their photos.

bride and her father walking to wedding ceremony in outdoor venue

bride and father walking down aisle in outdoor wedding venue

incense burning in outdoor wedding ceremony with bride and groom in background

traditional ceremony in outdoor venue

wedding ceremony traditional ceremony

traditional wedding ceremony in outdoor venue

bride and groom saying vows in wedding ceremony

groom putting ring on bride during intimate wedding ceremony

bride and groom kissing at wedding ceremony in boho style outdoor venue

wedding guests at wedding ceremony in outdoor rustic venue

wedding ceremony in rustic outdoor venue

bride and groom cheering after wedding ceremony

bride and groom walking down aisle newly married in outdoor venue

The decor space was designed to reflect the beauty of their heritage with Chilean inspired cacti and Persian rugs decorating the venue. The outcome resulted in a warm and magical atmosphere. Taking some photos of the space without flash captured the true essence and warmth of the day.

neon sign it was always you with cake and flowers

boho lamp infront of mirror in loft style venue

wedding table decorated with candles and wild flowers

boho tablescape design in modern loft style space

cactus themed plants for wedding design

sweetheart wedding table decorated with boho style decorations

table set for wedding reception in loft style venue

wedding reception in loft style space with boho styling

bride and groom at sweetheart table in modern loft style venue

What are some of the elements that have to be present in a successful wedding portrait?

The most important element to me is that the couple must be in an environment where they can feel true to themselves. Whether this means freely talking, laughing, dancing, or just feeling understood and free to come as they are. There should be no pressure to fit into a certain standard or behave a certain way. A portrait that reflects the true core of a relationship is where the magic happens.

bride and groom posing on urban roof with trees in the background

bride and groom in rustic wedding dressing room getting ready

bride and groom pouring champagne in outdoor venue with wedding guests

wedding guests giving a cheers with champagne in outdoor venue

bride and groom during champagne in outdoor venue

groom holding brides hand and kissing it in wedding attire on rooftop

This is why it is so important to me to connect with my couples before, during, and after their event, when we have that foundational friendship you are more likely to be open and honest with me as well as allow me to push into your unique traits.

bride sitting in sunlight in window in wedding dress with veil

brides hands holding special locket with her mothers hands cupping hers

bride fastening corsage onto mothers wrist

bride with bridesmaids popping champagne in hotel room

groom posing out boutineers to wedding party

bride in wedding gown with veil posing on lion in rustic dressing room

bride in wedding dress looking over staircase filled with family album

bride in wedding dress with wedding party holding up bouquets

How would you describe the wedding style that Nina and Andrew chose and how did you capture it so beautifully?

Nina and Andrews’ wedding was decorated using a combination of timeless and eclectic aspects. This was also reflected in the atmosphere, guests and wedding party were dressed to the nines, while also free to dance, laugh, and celebrate freely. There was a sense of excitement that was important for me to capture through photos.

wedding party dancing through reception in loft style venue

bride and groom dancing into wedding reception in lifestyle venue

parents of couple giving wedding speech in loft style venue

bride and groom at head table in wedding reception at loft style venue

parents of wedding couple giving a speech at loft style venue

bride dancing with her dad in outdoor wedding venue

groom dancing with his mom in outdoor venue

What are the ways you cultivate an instinct for what the best moments are to capture?

Mindfulness is everything. There is no artistry without it. Staying present in the day not only helps you create beautiful work but it also brings so much meaning to your job, I still cry at every wedding I shoot!

bride and groom signing wedding vows

bride and groom sitting at head table during wedding reception

bride and groom hugging their parents in lifestyle reception venue

Looking back how do your photos recreates the sense of awe of the day?

Nina and Andrews’ love story was incredible, but their friends and family also brought an amazing energy to the day, which really made it stand out. The entire day felt like a huge hug was surrounding them, there were endless dances, congratulations, and singing. To truly capture the awe of the day, it was equally important to capture the important moments between Nina and Andrew, AND the ones that they shared with their loved ones.

groom with groomsmen in backyard under tree making a toast

mother of groom pinning on boutineer on father of groom with groom

bride and bridesmaid holding up bouquets in outdoor venue

wedding guests in audience looking at iPad before ceremony

bride with her women relatives in outdoor venue

bride and groom posing on venue roof infront of historic church building

Photographer: Life As She Knows It Photography

Venue: Berkeley Fieldhouse

Florist : Lindsay Milne Davila

Dress : Toujours Bridal  

Milla Nova

Suit : Garrison Bespoke

Hair and Makeup : Rhea Mussai

Dj: DJ Special K

Ring : Alexis Gallery