Katie Harrison Photography shares insights from capturing Addie and Derrick’s vibrant, beautiful love filled Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding.

bride and groom in wedding outfits standing on street beside tennis court

bride and groom standing on an urban street with street car behind them

bride and groom walking down street infront of historic church venue

straight on shot of historic church

What drove you to choose wedding photography as a specialty in your photography career?

When I started out in photography, I wanted to be involved in all kinds of art, like interior design, fashion, and food, but I quickly realized that I loved people most of all. I get to combine my background in art and design with a deep curiosity and empathy, and it’s the perfect combo for me. I love watching for the magic in people’s lives and giving it back to them in beautiful images.

guest book and wedding decorations on a sweet table

wedding ceremony set up on outdoor rustic venue

bride and her father walking down aisle in outdoor venue

wedding officiant and best men looking down aisle at bride and her father in rustic outdoor patio

I can’t believe I get to be invited into people’s most intimate moments, like weddings and growing families, to laugh and cry and get goosebumps alongside them. And I love knowing that these photos will be treasured for years to come. It’s been a wild ride that continues to evolve as weddings change! Couples feel so much more free to do their wedding their own way, so what motivates me now is my excitement for nontraditional weddings becoming more and more common.

bride and groom at wedding alter in outdoor venue with officiant

wedding officiant talking with bride and groom in outdoor rustic venue

outdoor patio wedding ceremony with bride and groom and wedding guests

bride and groom at intimate wedding ceremony groom reading his vows

bride and groom kissing in outdoor rustic ceremony

wedding couple cheering at wedding alter after being married

bride and groom walking down aisle laughing in outdoor ceremony

bride and groom kissing in wedding ceremony aisle in outdoor venue

You’ve talked about having a heartfelt, personal approach to capturing people’s memories. How did you work with this approach with Addie and Derrick?

We all know life can be really hard. We all have moments of doubt, regret, fear, and loss. Being invited into people’s stories and witnessing their intimate and emotional moments, I get to capture how much love surrounds us. I know from experience how much these images mean to us when life gets tough.

bride and groom walking across urban street in wedding outfits

outdoor patio for wedding reception with guests having cocktails

bride and groom doing wedding dance in loft style modern venue

bride and groom chatting with their wedding guests in loft style venue reception

bride and groom giving a speech in loftstyle modern venue

bride and groom doing wedding dance in loft style modern venue

This was true for Addie and Derrick, who had originally booked their wedding for August 2020, but because of Covid, they rescheduled to 2022. They still had a tiny wedding up at their family cottage with just a few of their closest friends and family, live-streaming the ceremony to friends and family who couldn’t come. Despite the huge change in plans and all the confusion and fear in the world at that time, this small group of people was so present, loving and joyful.

toronto bride walking down stairs in house

groom and groomsmen getting dressed in rustic getting ready room

groom sitting in getting ready space with rustic courses lion and film reels on the wall

groom getting ready in vintage venue dressing room

bride and groom hugging on street corner infornt of historic church venue

bride and groom and wedding party posing in rustic urban garden

bride and groom and wedding party posing in rustic urban garden

Two years later, everyone was thrilled to finally be able to celebrate all together at Berkeley Fieldhouse. We could all feel that we were celebrating even more than Addie and Derrick’s love. There was so much joy because we could eat and drink and hug and laugh and cry and dance together again!

view of rustic wedding venue with patio and stream with trees

bride and groom smiling at each other in rustic court yard with wedding guests

bride dancing with her father in loft style modern venue

groom dancing with his bride in modern loft style venue

You photograph architecture and spaces beautifully – like the details of the home where Addie got ready, and the reception space. How do you cultivate this ability to find beauty in your surroundings?

I’m telling the whole story of the day so they can always remember how it felt. Every detail is part of creating that feeling, from the arch of a wooden doorway to the sun streaming through a kitchen window. It’s all about feeling. From the moment I see a detail that makes me feel something, I know I need to photograph it. It could be because it’s beautiful or meaningful or unique or weird. When you look back at the photos, you’ll feel like you’re there.

shot of door with light streaming in though ling hallway

bride laughing getting her shoe on in doorway

wedding table with wedding decor in rustic loft style venue

looking in though rustic wooden doors into bright loft style wedding reception

wedding table set up in loft style modern venue

loftstyle venue set up for wedding reception

loft style modern venue all styled for a wedding reception

bride and groom sitting at head table in loft style venue

The groom’s getting ready album really stands out as artistic and innovative as you fully utilized all the aesthetic potential of the venue and really communicates Derrick and his groomsmen sense of style and personalities. What are some of the ways you achieved this so effectively?

I’m always down for getting ready photos to be whatever the couple wants them to be! I’m there to capture the feeling of anticipation and document the moments you’re having with your closest friends and family. It’s different every time! No matter what, I’m always looking for interesting angles, details and lighting so that I can artistically capture the moments that are already unfolding naturally. Berkeley Fieldhouse has so much to work with! This group knew they wanted photos in the treehouse, so after they quickly got dressed, we headed up there for drinks and inside jokes. It was super laid-back! 

bride and groom standing on street infornt of a rustic venue

treehouse in rustic garden setting

cocktails and rustic painting in urban treehouse

groom and groomsmen having a cheers in rustic treehouse

bride and groom kissing in staircase in their formal wedding gear

bride standing in courtyard wearing her wedding dress and holding bouquet

bride and groom posing infront of rustic wall in urban venue

What were some of the benefits of having the wedding reception take place during natural sunlight and transitioning into nighttime from the perspective of creating your beautiful album? 

I absolutely love capturing lighting as it changes throughout the day, especially as it shifts to night! Berkeley’s ambient lighting is gorgeous, so I love photographing the reception without flash. It captures the glow, the vibe, and the true feeling of what it was like to be there. There’s a special magic in that! But it’s always fun to mix in some flash photography for a party vibe, too!

bride and groom staring infront of greenery wall in downtown venue

ceremony chairs set up in outdoor rustic venue

looking into loft style venue at nighttime with soft lighting inside

bride and wedding guests dancing in outdoor patio venue

bride and groom dancing in lofstyle venue with bright party lighting

bride and groom dancing in lofstyle venue with bright party lighting

Photographer : Katie Harrison Photography

Berkeley Fieldhouse

Wildhood Floral

Party Favours

Gluten free cupcakes : Butternut BakingCo

Hair and makeup: Eryn Shannon

Wedding dress: Paloma Blanca

Bridesmaid dresses: Azzazie

Printed all the signs from Zazzle

Seamstress: A&R Couture