Roxanne Duke Photography shares Lucy and Eric’s visually stunning, Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding filled with beautiful life & great love.

bride and groom and wedding party hugging in street

bride and groom talking down urban street ready for wedding

What three words describe the wedding style and atmosphere of Lucy and Eric’s wedding?

Modern, Elegant, Romantic

bride and groom and wedding party walking down urban street in full wedding outfits

bride and groom at wedding ceremony in rustic venue

bride and groom dancing at nighttime on outdoor patio

There is a relaxed unhurried quality to your day of portraits that communicate the personality of your couple and their guests. What do you attribute to this success?

The relaxed, unhurried quality of the portraits is absolutely intentional & the ultimate goal of my work. Some things I do to achieve this include: working with a second shooter/assistant, fostering a kind & comfortable environment for the Bride, Groom, & their guests, & doing lots of prep. work/checking in with the couples about their wishes & timeline beforehand.

bridesmaids walking into rustic venue

outdoor wedding ceremony with bridesmaids holding up bouquets in the seated area

outdoor wedding ceremony on rustic patio with bride and groom wedding officiant and wedding guests

wedding guests in rustic patio venue

bride and groom kissing at intimate wedding ceremony

bride and groom walking down wedding ceremony aisle

bride and groom kissing in wedding ceremony aisle in rustic outdoor venue

bride and groom signing wedding vows at intimate outdoor ceremony in rustic patio venue

bride and groom kissing and holding up their hands with wedding rings on

What were some of your first thoughts and impressions of Lucy and Eric’s wedding album when you first started the editing process and what were some of your favourite parts?

My first impression of the day, when looking back on it while editing, was WOW. The day was visually stunning, filled with beautiful life & great love. My favourite parts were Lucy getting ready, the ceremony, & dancing! The dance floor at Lucy & Eric’s wedding was amazing. The room was just filled with so much love!

bride getting her wedding outfit on with her mom and best woman

bride fastening her shoes in her wedding dress with her mother

bride showing her bridesmaids her dress in getting ready house

bride making a cheer with champagne with her bridesmaids

bride in wedding dress at wedding venue going in with mother holding her veil

toronto bride in wedding dress with veil walking down urban alley

bride walking down urban alley in wedding dress with her veil blowing

bride and groom dancing in modern loft style venue

bride and groom dancing in loftily venue

wedding guests dancing in loft style venue

What are some of the key elements that contribute to the success of a wedding day portrait?

The key elements that contribute to the success of a wedding day portrait include trust, timing, & good lighting. Ultimately, TRUST is the most important piece, when working with a photography, especially on your wedding day. Trust that they understand your vision, trust that they know what they are doing, trust their vision!

groomsmen posing in rustic treehouse

groom and groomsmen standing in rustic treehouse interior having a cheers with a beer

groom and groomsmen standing on steps of rustic treehouse with formal black suits on

bride and groom standing infornt of streetcar on busy street

bride and groom posing in urban alleyway

bride with bridesmaids standing in alley in urban street

How did starting your business while you were doing your formal photography studies bring dynamic strengths to each endeavour?

Starting my business while studying photography full time was not easy. As work started to pick up for me in third year, I was able to support myself full time, up to graduation. It has given me a sense of strength, resiliency, & determination. Of course my formal education provided me with lots of technical skills, but I have learned the most through my own work/business.

wedding cake in loft style venue

head wedding table in rustic wedding venue

rustic loftstyle venue with wedding designs all set up

bride and groom walking into wedding reception in modern loft style venue

bride and groom cutting wedding cake in modern loft style venue

bride and groom kissing in with wedding party circling around them in loft style venue


Roxanne Duke Photography 

Venue ; berkeley Fieldhouse

DJ: Scott Wallace – Scottify

Florist: Flower Treasures

HMUA: Caitlin Cullimore & team

Dress: The Modern Bride

Day of Coordinator: Ashley McCormack

Videography: Patrick G Films