James Joo Photos shares the intimate elegant wedding day of Jess and Hugh at La Maquette.

bride and groom walking down wedding ceremony in outdoor garden venue

table set against window with wedding pictures and wedding guest book

You beautifully captured la maquette in the last details of preparation and all setup. How did this add to the experience of the album?

Thank you for the kind words. I was very excited when I heard my couple Jess and Hugh decided to have their wedding at La Maquette. I used to walk by La Maquette and the sculpture garden every day when I worked near Church and King years ago, thinking it would be awesome to shoot an event here – and here we go. 

sculpture sign art deco in garden venue

art deco building on downtown urban street

wedding alter in urban garden with art deco building in background

bride witting in art deco styled venue room with large windows with trees

The placement and styling of the ceremony created an immersive experience with the sculpture garden. How did you frame and document the ceremony to communicate this?

I believe the sculpture garden and La Maquette create special energy together. I had a quick moment to capture the all-friends-group shot in front of the wall filled with full green leaves in the sculpture garden, which is one of my favourite shots. With full sunshine with little clouds that perfectly diffused the light, laughter, and happiness in a little nature – perfect summer wedding vibe. 

bride and groom and wedding party with their guests in group portrait infront of a green living wall in garden venue

wedding ceremony set up in art deco venue garden

wedding ceremony flowers on arch in outdoor venue

outdoor wedding reception set up in outdoor art deco venue

bride and groom in wedding outfits standing in outdoor venue

Thanks to all the vendors and the staff at La Maquette who were extremely attentive and organized with attention to detail – made it possible for me to capture the beautiful moments of the couple’s very special day.

art deco style restaurant patio with wedding ceremony set up

outdoor wedding ceremony

bride walking down aisle in outdoor ceremony with her father

outdoor wedding ceremony with traditional customs

wedding guest giving speech at intimate wedding ceremony in outdoor garden venue

bride and groom reading wedding vows to wedding guests in outdoor garden venue

wedding guests seated on patio at outdoor restaurant patio

wedding ceremony with bride and groom and wedding guests in outdoor garden venue

bride and groom at wedding alter in outdoor garden venue

What were some of the priorities your couple shared for how they wanted their wedding experience to go and how did you reflect these qualities in your photographs?

My couple Jess and Hugh are huge givers – they wanted me to take more photos of the guests than themselves so that the guests can get the most out of it. The guests were a bit shy at first however, since I had more time to interact with them they eventually got more comfortable and being themselves in front of the camera. Thankfully I was given full trust and creative freedom on how the pictures would be taken, which enabled me to go above and beyond while having fun. 

bride and groom at wedding ceremony with wedding guests in outdoor venue

bride and groom at wedding ceremony walking down aisle

wedding guests at head table at wedding reception

How would you describe the wedding reception design and the experience created, and how did you effectively capture this?

I love how La Maquette offers two different themes by floor. The first floor has checkerboard flooring with black and white themed furniture and the wall while the second floor adds a rustic and modern vibe with the special solarium dining area looking out to the sculpture garden with full of natural light. It feels like you’re at two different places that add extra dimensions to the final album. 

bride in wedding gown with bouquet standing infornt of art deco poster

art deco styled restaurant venue

bride and groom walking up stairs in art deco wedding venue

bride walking through wedding reception set up in art deco venue

cinderella solarium set up for wedding reception

art deco building set up for wedding reception

Looking back what makes you the happiest about this album?

Every element that was present at the wedding and looking through the album from start to end makes me re-live the moment. It was one perfect summer wedding I envisioned capturing thanks to the couple fully trusting me, the friends and family for being comfortable in front of me taking photos of them, the flowers by Liza, and last but not least every staff at La Maquette making the event go so smoothly. Much much appreciated!

bride in wedding dress holding wedding bouquet with groom with a boutineer

head wedding table with wedding designs

table styled for wedding in art deco restaurant venue

Painter Alex Katz describes how important it is to be in the immediate present. 

Does this resonate with your process?

Absolutely. Being in the immediate present and feeling the love in mixed emotions is very powerful and lasting. You get to witness a glimpse of their story and history grown with the time that all come down to love expressed. When I select the photos and edit, the love I witnessed at the present moment of the wedding is the main source of my selecting/editing process. I try my best to deliver the love witnessed into editing so that when the final album is ready they can feel it. 

bride and groom standing in outdoor venue

bride and groom kissing in outdoor wedding venue garden in formal wedding outfits

Photographer: James Joo Photos

venue : La Maquette 

Flowers : Flowers by Liza

Makeup: First Brush By Anna

Hair: Shiho Style