Jenna and Andrew’s colourful, Joyful Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding Shared with A Rose Inspirations.

bride and groom standing together in loftstyle venue

How would you describe the atmosphere and style of the wedding ceremony?

Jenna and Andrew are known to always find the beauty in life, and see the brightest of colours in people, places and in all that surrounds them. The idea of colour and art culture inspired their wedding day.  Specifically during their ceremony, they exchanged vows as they stood against a backdrop of beautifully hand-dyed fabrics, were showered by personally hand-dried flower petals, tossed into the air in celebration, and socialized with loved ones among delicately displayed artwork, created by the bride herself. Varying styles of photographs were accented throughout the ceremony space, most of which were of the many guests sitting under the tent, who have supported the couple over the years.

bride and groom walking in outdoor venue garden

wedding alter with greenery and hand died drapes in outdoor venue

vase with flowers on table with polaroid camera on table

wedding signage with dried flowers and hand died cloth

a vintage camera on a wedding table with a handwritten poem on a table

close up of a wedding bouquet of wild flowers

a poem written out on some paper with a polaroid picture of a groom in a frame on a wedding table

dried flowers in a box on a chair in a wedding ceremony

bride and groom walking down aisle in outdoor venue

To top it off, an initiate and personal ceremony was personally written and led by two very close family members of the bride and groom, who also share the same colourful perspective and zest for life.

bride and groom saying wedding vows with wedding officiant in outdoor venue

bride and groom wedding ceremony with wedding guests

bride and groom saying vows in intimate wedding venue

bride and groom kissing at wedding alter of outdoor wedding ceremony

bride and groom walking down aisle with confetti glitter

The berkeley fieldhouse tent was the perfect canvas for their new beginning.

How do you balance creating unique creative elements while still keeping the overall design cohesive?

There is no cookie cutter answer or method in how to keep a design cohesive. Each of my couples are told from the beginning of their wedding planning journey that their special day must reflect who they are at the core. While being creative is encouraged, it only works if it represents the couple.

bride taking a photograph with a vintage camera

groom dressed in suit taking picture with polaroid camera

bride and groom standing in outdoor ceremony set up

bride and groom dancing in modern loft venue

I remind them that you want your guests to enter the room and say “oh that’s so them!”  That’s how you maintain a perfect harmony. What is too much or too little for one couple, may be fitting for another, as no two weddings are ever the exact same.

bride holding wildflower bouquet in outdoor venue

bride walking through outdoor venue

bride standing in her wedding dress with a bouquet on patio of rustic treehouse

groom standing in treehouse looking for bride to come up steps

bride walking up to groom in treehouse in outdoor venue for first look

bride twirling in wedding dress with groom looking on in balcony of treehouse

bride and groom hugging in treehouse

bride and groom standing infornt of a vintage door

bride and groom walking into wedding reception in loft style venue

wedding guests looking at bride and groom entering modern venue

How important is it that your couple have wedding goals they share with you early on in working with you?

It is extremely important that couples share as much of their vision, goals and expectations as early as possible. Working many weddings over the years, I can easily draw upon previous ideas and details that could make any couple’s day beautiful, but to make it their own – that must follow a specific process, where I get to know the couple on a deeper level and be able to recognize and action their dream wedding wishlist as much as possible within budget, timelines and any venue restrictions. The gift of time is priceless, and makes achieving any set wedding goals more of a reality, the earlier I am aware of them.

wedding guest decor sign in bright colours

vintage bar with chandelier hanging over it

mirror with wedding table infront in modern loft venue

bride and groom staring infront of mirror with decor in loftstyle venue

sweetheart table with colourful wedding decor in loftstyle venue

wedding reception set up in loft sale wedding venue

wedding reception set up in loft sale wedding venue

greeting table for wedding with chandelier

Have you experienced a shift in the priorities that your couples have for their wedding day as a result of the experience of living through covid?

Guest experience has always been an important consideration, but since experiencing the separation and social limitations of the pandemic, this has become the number one priority for couples.

bride and groom with their wedding guests in reception

bride and groom hugging guests in outdoor patio venue

bride and groom walking into wedding reception in loft

wedding guests cheering in modern loft venue

For many couples in 2022 and 2023, their wedding has been the first major communal gathering, making their special day even more monumental. In cases like Jenna and Andrew’s, an international barrier was present for 2 years, so love was certainly in the air for all in attendance.

wedding guests giving speech in wedding reception

view through window of modern loft venue of a reception

bride and groom dancing with wedding guests watching in modern loft venue

What elements of the wedding do you feel contributed the most to your couples enjoyment of their big day?

Originally Jenna and Andrew were planning to marry in 2021, but due to covid restrictions, many of their international guests would not have been able to attend.

wedding reception all set up loftsyle modern venue

This was a deal breaker, and both agreed that the wedding would be postponed until they could marry among all of their loved ones. 2022 was the first year that all covid restrictions were lifted and so having all of Jenna and Andrew’s loved ones under one roof, celebrating their love, was truly the best part of their wedding day.

wedding guest giving speech in loftsytle wedding venue

bride and groom giving wedding speech in loftstyle wedding venue

bride and groom kissing at sweetheart table in loftsyle venue

bride and groom kissing in rustic vintage doorway

Wedding Planner – A. Rose Inspirations

Venue – Berkeley Fieldhouse 

Photography – Ugo Photograph

Florals – Thyme Studio 

DJ – Hot For Company

Makeup & Hair – Toronto Beauty Group

Family and friends filled the roles of:

– Officiant

– ceremony music 

– MC