Matt and Sam’s Romantic, Vibrant and  Intimate Downtown wedding.

bride and groom kissing on downtown street with big bouquet of flowers

The series of photographs with your first look and walking down to the venue are stunning! The colour tone, your relaxed, beautiful poses and the unique compositions  with the downtown urban Toronto backdrop. What was your experience during this and your thoughts when you saw your album?

Thank you so much but the first look and street photos were actually our plan B! Plan A was a reveal inside the hotel but we quickly realized our photo space had been double booked and had to make do with an outdoor reveal. We stayed at the St. Regis which is in the heart of downtown right at Bay and Adelaide. We had a lot of people shout out congratulations from their cars and compliment our attire as we walked around which was pretty cute. At the time, Sam was not keen to walk through a busy, dusty construction zone (she was scared of getting her dress dirty) but our photographer, Liat, was amazing and the photos turned out beautifully! She somehow managed to capture us without all of the background chaos- she’s a magician, really.

bride walking out of hotel onto street in wedding dress

bride walking up behind groom on urban street

bride and groom posing on an urban street in wedding attire

bride and groom in wedding attire in downtown street with big bouquet

bride and groom posing in downtown street with tall buildings

bride and groom posing infornt of historic downtown church

mother pinning boutineer on her son in outdoor venue patio

bride posing with her father on outdoor venue before wedding ceremony

How do you feel your personalities, interests and unique love story were communicated to your family and guests through your wedding day experience?

Given our strong international ties (Matt is from Australia, Sam is from Jamaica), we wanted to choose a venue that was easily accessible for our guests who were traveling from overseas. We found that the Berkeley Fieldhouse suited the rustic aesthetic that we really liked, whilst being a relatively central location close to downtown accommodation for our visitors.

groom walks down wedding aisle in outdoor patio venue

bride and her father walking down aisle in wedding ceremony

wedding officiant standing with groom in outdoor venue

wedding officiant marrying bride and groom in wedding ceremony

bride and groom putting rings on in wedding ceremony in outdoor venue

outdoor wedding ceremony

bride and groom holding hands in intimate ceremony as officiant reads

bride and groom with wedding officiant holding marriage certificate

When it comes to the ceremony and reception, there were certain traditional wedding aspects that didn’t really appeal to us so we wanted to go against the grain (something our planner, Alusha, encouraged).

wedding bout inner and watch

bride and groom holding hands with wedding ring on woman's hand

bride with her friends posing at wedding venue after ceremony

honey jars for wedding gifts for guests

tray of gourmet donuts

bride and groom sitting at head table with dad

wedding guests giving wedding speech in wedding reception

bride and groom sitting at head table ion loftstyle venue listening to wedding speeches

wedding guests toasting wedding speeches in loftstyle venue

bride and groom giving speech in lofstyle wedding venue with soft lighting

We both have our own unique quirks which began with the engagement ring. Sam loves pearls, so the main stone of her engagement ring is a pearl. Matt isn’t a big fan of wearing rings, so instead requested a wedding wristwatch because he never leaves the house without one. We’re both not crazy about cake, and honestly neither of us could recall ever eating the cake at a wedding, but we do love donuts. So, the decision to feature a COPS donuts stand with fresh donuts in place of a cake became a no-brainer (and a crowd favourite)..

bride and groom eating donuts in outdoor venue

bride and groom walking out onto patio for wedding dance

bride and groom dancing on patio in outdoor venue

bride and groom dancing on patio in outdoor venue

What is the story of your beautiful wedding dress and how it fit so beautifully into the romantic, warm and elegant design of your wedding?

Sam: I personally had a hard time finding dresses I liked when searching for bridal gowns. My sister passed on a suggestion from a friend which was to try The Modern Bride in Guelph. I was browsing their social media pages and saw the “Mimosa” by Alena Leena and I instantly knew that was my dress. I can’t say I planned on the dress fitting the design of our wedding! I really just went for what I liked in both dress and décor and I guess they happened to fit together well.

bride posing in wedding dress with balloons in hotel

bouquet of wedding flowers with pearls and a bootle of perfume laid out for wedding

bride holding hands with her best woman in hotel getting ready for wedding day

What were some of your sources of inspiration when you first began communicating with your florist and your wedding planner?

We definitely had to revive our Pinterest accounts when getting our floral ideas. We looked at colour schemes and arrangements from random people’s weddings and saved our favourites. We also shamelessly scoured the Berkeley Events and Berkeley Events Blog Instagram pages to see what previous couples had done to decorate the venue and got inspiration from them as well. Our florist, Deanna Balmer (The Wild Pansy) threw a lot of ideas into the pot too. She listened to us and looked at all the elements we liked and worked her magic to come up with something we both really loved.

forest arranging flowers in buckets on urban patio

florist placing flowers in archway for wedding ceremony

wedding archway for ceremony with flowers

wedding alter with floral arch on outdoor venue patio

wedding planner setting up wedding design in loftstyle venue

wedding reception set up in loftstyle venue all set up

wedding guests looking at wedding details in loftstyle venue

loftstyle wedding venue set up for wedding reception with lots of floralsand chandeliers

bride and groom and wedding planner looking at set up for reception in loftstyle venue

What advice would you give a newly engaged couple about planning a wedding that becomes a timeless meaningful day?

If you’re anything like us (clueless at planning a wedding), hiring a planner is a must! Also, even if it’s not your thing, dedicate a good amount of time to look at other people’s weddings whether on social media or albums from friends and family. Really take the time to research what you like/want early on.

bride and groom walking into wedding reception in lost style venue to greet guests

bride and groom standing in wedding reception greeting their wedding guests

bride and groom at head table of wedding reception

It was also important for us to share our ideas with one another, and decide on the areas that we were happy to commandeer individually. Divvying up the tasks helped us break up the hectic nature of planning a wedding and made everything feel less stressful.

flower designs in vases on head table in loftstyle venue

wedding flowers in vase on table for wedding reception

loftstyle venue set up with romantic decor in losftstyle venue

loftstyle venue set up with romantic wedding designs

You stepped out between the ceremony and the reception during dinner for a beautiful series of portraits on queen street. What were some of the benefits of this choice?

This was actually a suggestion by our photographer and it was a brilliant one!

bride and groom posing infornt of historic church venue

bride and groom walking along urban street in downtown street

bride and groom posing in wedding outfits in middle of downtown street

bride and groom posing in wedding outfits in middle of downtown street

bride and groom posing infornt of a historic venue

Because our first look happened prior to the ceremony, it was good to take a moment and get some personal shots as a married couple. We were fortunate that there was not much traffic on Queen St and were able to get some amazing photos that live on our favourites list. It also gave us a little break and some quiet time from everything going on inside the venue which is much needed on such a busy day.

bride and groom posing infront of wedding alter in outdoor venue

Planner: Alusha Domanska A Lush Affair

Photographer: Liat Aharoni Photographer

Florist: The Wild Pansy

Venue: Berkeley Fieldhouse

Favours: Hunnabees

DJ: Gerald from Dj Floh Back

Bride hair and bridal party hair and makeup: ES Bridal

Bride makeup: Joan Huang A Glow By Joan

Officiant: Gregory Hines from My Wedding Officiant

Wedding “cake”: COPS donuts