Patricia and Stephen share their Beautiful Elegant Berkeley Church Wedding and the success of working creatively with their dream team of wedding vendors.
bride and groom facing each other in wedding attire infornt of vintage wedding windows
bride and groom in wedding outfits in mezzanine of historic church

When you first saw your wedding album what were your impressions and what made you the happiest about it?

Marianne was an incredible photographer, and caught every moment! She took so many photos, and everytime we went through the album we found a new favourite photo.

bride and groom smiling at each other in formal wedding wear in a church

bride posing with her wedding party in wedding outfits in mazzanine level of wedding venue

We loved that Marianne was able to capture all the little details that we weren’t able to spend the time to admire because of how busy the day was! She really captured how all the planning came together; the venue, the flowers, and signage. We love that we can relive the day through the photos.

wedding menu set on styled wedding table

wedding table styled in wedding reception

She caught so many great moments of us, our friends and family, and it really was the day of our dreams.

bride posing in wedding mezzanine of vintage church

bride and groom posing with wedding party in vintage church venue

wedding party laughing and talking in wedding attire in historic church venue

bride and groom in wedding reception

wedding party giving speeches on stage in church venue

bride and groom giving wedding speech in historic wedding venue

Looking back what are the of the choices that you made in the planning process that contributed to the most memorable moments?

I think looking back on the choices in the planning process that contributed to the most memorable moments, was definitely choosing Berkeley Church as our venue. I cannot stress enough how many people complimented how stunning the venue was. As a venue it was stunning, the food was incredible, and the staff were so kind and attentive.

wedding guests set up in reception in historic church

bride and groom kissing in wedding reception

wedding guest snapping picture with automatic camera in wedding venue

Our vendors were also incredible! When we first met Patricia our florist from Unfazed Floral, we knew immediately she was the one to bring our vision to life. The florals were perfect. She took what we wanted, and what we loved was she also gave us suggestions and recommendations that really elevated the original vision more.

brides in gown walking holding her wedding bouquet by her side

wedding table styled with wedding flowers and table settings in vintage church

wedding table styled with wedding flowers and table settings in vintage church

We had gone back and forth on whether we were going to get a day of coordinator, and it was the best decision we ever made. Jenna from Eros Events Co. Is an absolute superstar, we didn’t have to worry a single time during the day because she had it covered. Leading up to the wedding, she helped us to keep organized, and really relieved the pressure and stress. The day would not have gone so perfectly without Jenna!

bride and groom walking down urban street with umbrella

bride and groom walking into historic church

Working with our friends as vendors was also such an incredible part of the planning process. Ramar our DJ from Fluent Entertainment, is a long time friend of ours, and having him at our wedding was so special. And our friend and bridesmaid Aleena from AleenaCreates who helped with the place cards and acrylic signage, they were absolutely stunning! And special shout outs to our friend Lawrence Nguyen from C17 Media who helped to print our menus, programs and welcome sign, everything was so perfect and the quality of the materials were incredible.

We really wanted to highlight bringing together of our cultures so I think planning to change into traditional outfits at our reception was so memorable. And our guests really loved it.

bride and groom entering wedding reception in historic wedding outfits

bride and groom entering wedding reception in historic wedding outfits

bride and groom in wedding attire greeting their wedding guests in wedding reception

bride and groom hugging in traditional wedding attire making heart shape with their bodies

How did you communicate your wedding vision to your vendors to arrive at the stunning results?

When we were planning our wedding, we really wanted it to reflect us as a couple, and our aesthetic. We visited a lot of venues, but Berkeley Church just had this beauty in itself that we loved.

groom in wedding suit posing infront of historic church

bride an d groom posing in wedding outfits infront of historic church hugging under umbrella

bride and groom standing in mezzanine of a church posing

bride and groom sitting on steps in vintage church venue in wine cellar

We really wanted it to be minimal, classic, airy and timeless but also modern. We worked a lot on my Pinterest board to get an overall sense of what we wanted. And Patricia our florist from Unfazed Floral was so incredible, she was able to capture what we wanted exactly. Patricia is amazing ; she listened to what vibe we were going for, she paid so much attention to detail. She not only took everything we asked for, but she also provided so much incredible input that just enhanced the vision more.

flowers in vase on reception wedding table

sweet table with decor and wedding signage in historic church

wedding reception set up in vintage church venue

For signage we got to work with our friends Aleena from AleenaCreates and Lawrence from C17 media so this made everything so easy -bouncing around ideas and coming up with exactly what we wanted.

sweet table with decor and wedding signage in historic church

seating chart in vintage church with tables set up

signature drink signage in vintage bar at church venue

Jenna, our day of coordinator was incredible, we gave her all of the signage and other decor for the day, and she ran with it, and put it all together seamlessly. She also helped with itinerary which was absolutely perfect. We would not have been able to put everything together without Jenna’s help to organize and speak to all our vendors. She truly made our day magical.

bridesmaids helping bride get dressed in hotel room for wedding day

bride with her mother getting ready for wedding bride reading wedding note

groom walking with groomsmen down hotel hallway

bride and groom walking across intersection in downtown city

bride wedding dress and wedding shoes stepping though rain puddle

What were some of the attributes of the Berkeley Church that made it a fit for your day and how did you highlights these aspects in your day?

The magic about Berkeley Church is that it is already so beautiful. We loved that it had its own character and aesthetic and alone it was a great space. So we really loved that we did not have to go over the top, and with what we envisioned, Berkeley Church was a perfect fit for that minimal, clean and timeless aesthetic that we wanted. Berkeley Church also had the best food! It was so good, so as foodies, naturally we knew it was the perfect venue.

bride and groom posing in balcony of vintage historic church venue

bride and groom hissing in historic church wine cellar

bride and groom posing on church steps in historic wedding venue

bride and groom giving wedding speech on stage of vintage church venue

bride an d groom having wedding dance in vintage wedding venue

some insights with Jenna Fayad from Eros Events Co. 

Your couple had a wonderful group of wedding vendors on board for their celebration, several that they knew personally. What role did you play in keeping everyone looped in and making sure your couple could fully enjoy their day and know everything was being handled.

As coordinators, our main focus was establishing strong communication with all vendors well before the event and on the day itself. We diligently ensured that each vendor was contacted and well-informed about the wedding details.

bride and groom and wedding party making toast with champagne glass at head table in wedding reception

Additionally, we provided a comprehensive itinerary to the couple, all vendors, and the bridal party in advance, outlining every important aspect of the day. Our personalized approach gave everyone reassurance, knowing we were available for any questions, concerns, or last-minute adjustments. This deep sense of accountability and support among all parties contributed to a smooth and enjoyable day for Patricia and Stephen, and the results spoke for themselves!

bride hugging mother in mezzanine of vintage church venue

parent giving wedding speech on stage of historic church

wedding party chatting sitting on edge of stage in historic church

parents entering wedding reception in wedding venue

wedding guests dancing in wedding reception

bride and groom and wedding guests posing together

There are some really stunning, meaningful wedding portrait collections with the couple and their closest family and friends throughout the venue, at various times in the wedding day. How was this so successfully achieved?

We created a shot-list, ensuring no important moments were missed. Moreover, for instances where language barriers were present, we designated specific individuals to help coordinate and gather family members for photos. Of course, having a talented groom who also served as a photographer added an extra special touch to the flow of the day!

bride and groom walking together in historic church venue

bride and groom having wedding dance with their parents in historic wedding venue

From your perspective what were some of the best choices your couple made in their planning process that really worked out well?

Both Patricia and Stephen demonstrated exceptional responsiveness throughout the planning process. Together, we established a well-organized work-back schedule and stuck to it, ensuring all details were solidified by the deadlines. Their commitment to meeting these milestones allowed for a seamless onboarding process with our team, their family members, and all vendors involved. Our proactive and collaborative approach significantly contributed to the success of their wedding day.

bride and groom cutting wedding cake in vintage wedding church venue

bride and groom toasting from head table in historic wedding venue

bride and groom sitting together in wedding attire in wine cellar in historic church

Day of Coordinator: Eros Events Co. – Jenna Fayad
Florist: Unfazed Floral– Patricia Thibodeau
Signage and place cards: AleenaCreates – Aleena Qureshi Welcome Sign/programs/menu: C17 Media– Lawrence Nguyen
DJ: Fluent Entertainment – Ramar Smith